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Our Bootcamps are a supportive and encouraging place to train.

Whether you are training for the first time in s a long time or are super fit the sessions are structured to keep the group together and achieving their fitness goals.


Life is busy so let us take care of planning your training.

With over 300 hundred different 25 minute workouts, designed to get you results faster!

You won’t get bored and we’ll never waste your time.

All you need to do is show up and we will take care of the rest!


Functional Training is a type of exercise which involves training for activities performed in daily life. Chasing the kids, going for a surf, carrying the shopping in from the car.

This training program will help you move and perform better in everyday activities.

Our bootcamp involves full body exercises and multiple muscle groups.

What’s exciting about functional training is that it will improve your energy levels, body composition and metabolic function….And, decrease fat mass, stress levels and the risk of lifestyle diseases.


This is a fun place to train.

We’ll help you fall in love exercise so it becomes part of your lifestyle not just something you do to lose weight.

We build training communities that focus on laughter, friendship and fun!

So many of our Shakers, originally came for fitness but stick around for 4, 5 or 6 years because of the friendships that they have made!


This is a high intensity interval training program. It is designed to burn fat while building and preserving your muscle. 

The purpose of every workout is to push you outside of your comfort zone. 

We want to shake your physiology and force it to change, adapt and grow.


If you are like most of our members, you are probably a parent, a business owner, a  tradie or professional who does not have much time for exercise.

Our sessions are 25 minutes and super punctual, so you can train, slap a few hi fives and get on with your day.


All of our workouts have 3 scaling options accommodating beginners through to fitness freaks.

We understand that people getting back into exercise need time to adapt. During this intro phase, we encourage everyone to choose the easier option.

As you progress and increase your work capacity and endurance, we will encourage you to go harder.

Is your life in need of a Shake Up? This is the solution… Which one are you?

The Shake UP is Changing Lives!

We help normal people achieve extraordinary things

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This program is for people who want to look and feel better every day, people who want to make training part of their lifestyle and feel confident in their body.

Join now and belong to a movement that makes you feel awesome.


Hi, I am Ben O’Connor!

When you give people practical tools, credible information and hold them accountable to their dreams, amazing things happen!
(Founder and Head Coach)


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Frequeuently Asked Questions

ICE is an acronym for Intense Cardiovascular Exercise. ICE training is a method of exercise which turns aerobic activity into a fat loss weapon. The more intensity you put into your workouts, the more benefits you experience. Most people are accustomed to long, slow steady cardiovascular exercise. For example running, swimming and riding. There is definitely a place for these activities in your body transformation journey, but we need to have a clear understanding of the difference between these less intense activities and ICE training.

ICE training is designed to promote a metabolic environment which fast tracks improvement in body composition. When it comes to fat loss, the key is energy expenditure. Exerting more energy out than you take in on a daily basis will result in fat loss. Taking this into consideration, it makes perfect sense to select a training method which will have the greatest possible impact on calorie expenditure. ICE training achieves this through stimulating your metabolism, ensuring a high caloric utilisation during the workout and in the hours that follow.

The Shake UP™ sessions run anywhere from 15-25 minutes. They are short, sharp bouts of intense, cardio exercise. Remember the objective of The Shake UP™ is to maximise fat loss. It is very difficult to maintain high intensity exercise for extended periods. This is the very unique difference between The Shake UP™ and regular boot camps. Our sessions are designed to allow the individual to exert maximal efforts over achievable time frames. 

If you are looking to improve your body shape, understand that the long duration or excessive aerobic exercise creates a metabolic environment that actually works AGAINST body composition improvements. Many people fall into this trap of excessive cardio exercise and unfortunately, never experience the body composition changes that they desire.

The Shake UP™ sessions involve people from all walks of life, from beginners to the more athletic focused. Each session has a black (advanced), red (intermediate) and blue (Beginner) scaling option. You decided which level you are at and give it your 100%. Our experienced coaches will always encourage you to better your last performance. A program which focuses on maximising fat loss, while maintaining muscle mass should continually provide new and challenging activities to stimulate the metabolism.

In order to achieve this, our sessions are designed to push participants out of their comfort zone through utilising activities and effort levels which they are not accustomed to. Our coaches are experienced level one Cross Fit certified and The Shake UP™ sessions reflect this attitude to training. Be prepared for anything! The only certainty with The Shake UP™ is that you will be lifted to a new level of training intensity.

There is a Shake Up program to suit everyone’s needs, from a Casual Shake through to our Hero Shaker program. When it comes to achieving realistic, sustainable improvements in body composition a 12 week program provides the foundations for success. For this reason, we encourage our participants to commit to their goals and reward them for their commitment.

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