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Group Training Sessions: Every Monday through Saturday, you can find our regular Shakers feeling great, giving 100% at our 25 minute, outdoor group training sessions across 3 Gold Coast locations.

Our training principles are structured around what is known as ICE training “Intense Cardiovascular Exercise”.

You put in intense effort for a short period, to get the maximum possible results.

Perfect for a busy person like you!

Is your life in need of a Shake Up? This is the solution… Which one are you?

Benefits of The Shake UP™ Outdoor Group Training Sessions

The Shake UP™ outdoor group fitness sessions are structured to ensure all participants perform different activities, continually meeting new effort levels specific to the individual. This will guarantee there is always a new form of stimulus to your training and Shake you towards your goals.

Benefits of this type of exercise performed in a group include:


If you feel overwhelmed and unmotivated, our super experiencedShake UP™ coaches are here for you. They are passionate about providing you a safe, motivating and very challenging environment to help you succeed and achieve your goal.


Attending group training sessions in a regular schedule will give you a structured foundation from which to build strength, lose weight or tone your body.


After attending ourShake UP™ group training sessions, you’ll start to recognise some familiar faces. We are a community who likes to look after one another. In this way, group training sessions hold you accountable for turning up and putting 100% effort into your workout because you start to feel a responsibility to others in the Shake UP community.

This will definitely help you get up and out of the house when you’re lacking motivation.


We believe in creating a fun, positive, social environment where you can feel safe and comfortable putting in your best. The variety in our training sessions and the camaraderie between your fellow participants makes group training sessions with theShake UP™ rewarding AND fun.

Sense of Community

Our experienced and passionate Shake UP™ coaches really care about helping you on your journey to achieve your fitness and health goals.

We want our community of Shakers to work together for ultimate health and well being.

And we’re not just talk.

Check out our amazing “Shaker of the Month” success stories of those who’ve taken the leap and joined our group training sessions.

The Shake UP™ is for everyone…

YES!! The Shake UP™ group fitness sessions are suitable for all fitness levels and age groups.

From those who are new to exercise to the die hard, fitness fanatics.

It’s about you performing your best and that is all that matters!

The common quality that all of our participants demonstrate is a 100% attitude.

All we ask is that you give your 100% for less than half an hour of physical effort.

Is your life in need of a Shake Up? This is the solution… Which one are you?



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The community spirit and the willingness to help each other was absolutely phenomenal

I thrive in an environment where I get to compete and prove my mettle against likeminded and focused people. The Challenge definitely gave me that opportunity to learn, play and compete with others and it helped bring out the best in me. Learning was fun...

I can’t say thank you enough for showing me how!

A couple of years ago I came to the shake up struggling to sprint 100m and do a single push up… What I am now able to do is absolutely mind blowing to me, and it’s only going to get better from here. Thank you Ben O’Connor and your amazing group for pushing me to my...

The Shake UP – ICE sessions are awesome!!!

I love that the workouts are short duration/ high intensity, and that every workout seems so different. I can see my body shape changing and becoming more and more defined as the 12 week program progresses. It is hard to believe that such short workouts can produce...

I can’t recommend this enough…

I was in recovery from a dangerously active thyroid and my doctor said that I was on the verge of affecting my bone marrow. Struggling to get out of my own way &11 kg heavier, I decided that this is what I needed to get my fitness back. I lead a very busy working...

The missing piece in my training…

The Shake UP or ICE (Intensive Cadio Exercise) sessions are amazing. After a month of incorporating ICE Sessions with my strength training 2 to 3 times per week, I found that I dropped off a significant amount of body fat. I am excited that I am getting good results...


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