Bruce Adams – Winner Spring Challenge 16

Bruce Adams shifted 10kg of fat off his frame in 10 weeks eating loads of delicious food!

Bruce works hard and is busy fathering 3 kids. What Bruce loves most about his new body is that he can go ‘shirts off’ and not have to worry about the muffin top hanging over his boardies! Check out how Bruce did it 

Mark Connell – Winner Spring Challenge 17

Approaching his 40th Birthday, Mark knew he needed to take drastic action to steal back his health. This busy father of 3 made it happen, shedding 8kg in 10 weeks! Marks motivation was the believe that he needed to be on top of his wellbeing to be a great father. Check out Marks story here.

Kate Ryan –

Summer Challenge 16

Kate is a busy mum who learned the value of building strong habits around her family’s eating. She loves the confidence and is ready for the beach season! Check out Kate’s story:


Paul Shaw –

Summer Challenge 16

Paul is a father of two and a Police officer. In 10 weeks Paul turned his life around and is now the fittest and fastest he has been in 10 years! More energy, 10kg lighter and a better police officer, a better father, a better man!

Danelle Shaw – Winner Spring Challenge 15

Danelle has turned her life around in 10 weeks! She created a healthy relationship with food and stripped 11kg of fat! One of the greatest transformations that we have ever seen!


Rick Jones – Winner Winter Challenge 16

Rick is busy! His work involves loads of corporate lunch and dinners. He was overweight and couldn’t keep up with his two boys! He is now 17kg lighter and able to knock out a 4km run with his son! Check out how Rick did it here:

Avril & Lisa

Winter Challenge 16

Lisa and Avril are sisters who changed the way they viewed exercise and eating forever! After 10 focused weeks the girls are leaner, fitter, more organised and loving the endless energy they have discovered! Check out the girl’s story here:


Andrew Brenchley –

Winter Challenge 16

Andrew Brenchely is a new man! He quit smoking, ditched the soft drink and created a new life while involved in our Winter 10 Week Challenge! He is 10kg lighter and is fulfilling his commitment to himself of being the best Dad that he can be. Find out how Andrew turned his life around here:



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Weight loss for mums in the real world

Weight loss for mums in the real world

13 kg Weight loss in 10 weeks Weight loss can be a very confusing and frustrating quest. We are bombarded with mixed information about what to eat, how to train and which ‘diet’ to follow! The Shake UP is an outdoor group training program that transforms people’s...

Shaker of the Month – Erin Cserpak

Shaker of the Month – Erin Cserpak

High intensity training is the kind of thing that we love to hate! It is super uncomfortable, but it has an uncanny knack of making us feel awesome! A tough workout will always clear the head and restore perspective at the end of a challenging day. Erin Cserpak is our...

Shaker of the Month – Bee Hautop

Shaker of the Month – Bee Hautop

In the past 5 months, Briony ‘Bee’ Hautop has stripped 15kg and discovered the kind of confidence that best reflects her spirit! When Bee joined The Shake UP the mere thought of intense group training made her blood run cold! Now she is hooked! Bee learned that this...

Teachers – They’re Pretty Bloody Important!

Teachers – They’re Pretty Bloody Important!

In my opinion, teachers don’t get enough credit. Our children’s character, beliefs, outlook on life, and opportunities in life are – literally – shaped by the teachers they have. Teachers see our kids as much or more than we do between 4 and 18 years old! Their...

Shaker of the Month – Sharyn Watson

Shaker of the Month – Sharyn Watson

How many times have you seen yourself in a photo and thought, wow...Do I really look that bad? When this happens you really only have 2 options! Option 1: You can tune in to a cascade of negative emotions and thought processes that will ruin your day and keep you in...


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