10kg in 10 weeks – April Shaker of the Month

Strip 10 kg of body fat in 10 weeks while eating lots of delicious food and training a handful of hours a week!

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

When Dan Moore signed up for our Summer 10 Week Challenge, he was a little skeptical himself and as he sat listening to the program outline in the week one intro session, it was easy to see that Dan wasn’t convinced!

“No booze?” “Eating 5 times a day?” “What the hell is chia?”

Dan’s approach to eating wasn’t delivering the results he was after. His back was giving him grief since he was carrying too much weight around his belly. Dan runs a plant hire business and it was become increasingly difficult for him to work on his trucks.

Something had to change!

What we love most about our April Shaker of the Months story is that Dan was willing to step outside of his comfort zone, learn how to eat for fat loss and in the process stripped 10kg off his frame!

We recently caught up with Dan to chat about his kick ass transformation.

So Dan tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok… I am 44 years old. I own a company called DM Tipper Hire. Life is good, things are busy. I have 5 trucks on the road, I am a diesel fitter by trade so i work on my trucks, drive one and run the back end of the business. Like any business, its has its highs and lows, but I love it!

Why did you initially sign up to our Summer Challenge?

I guess the real reason that I initially joined the Shake UP and then committed to the 10 Week Challenge was to ensure that I could give myself the best possible chance to perform in my job to my full capacity. I  have had a lot of trouble with my hips and my lower back throughout my life and I know that comes from poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

I decided it was time to make a change and when my good friend Caz suggest I come down to the Shake UP. Her influence really got me started here I and have never looked back!

What did you achieve on the Challenge?

I have lost 13kg in total now. It was a pretty drastic lifestyle change for me. When I began the challenge I wasn’t eating enough and when I did eat, the quality of food wasn’t that great. My diet had a lot of sugar in the form of soft drinks and things like that so the 1st few weeks of the challenge were a pretty big adjustment! Looking back now, I am so happy that I committed myself to this! I just feel so much better! My clothes are all too big for me now which is a good thing I guess.  Most importantly for me I am so much more mobile now. I can get around the trucks with ease, I have the energy to get through the day and it’s not fueled with sugar. I am fitter, stronger and my core strength has improved dramatically. Things are good!

What do you love about The Shake UP?

There are so many things I love about this place! I love having a good training routine. I come up from Mudgeeraba to train at Pacific Pines with this crew 3 times a week. It has become a real strong routine habit for me now.  There is a real social element to training here. You come for a great workout but you know there is always going to be some great people to catch up with at the same time. I am not a massively competitive guy but I like training with the crew here because there is always someone to match yourself against. It helps to keep me pushing myself!

Dan is everything that the Shake UP stands for! He is a legendary bloke who is so supportive of others and always goes out of his way to strike up a conversation with his fellow Shakers! We couldn’t be happier that Dan has flipped his lifestyle around and is enjoying the glow that comes with great nutrition!

For all of his hard work, Dan has scored himself a massage with Andrew Saunders of Raynor Massage Gold Coast. Andrew’s style of Deep Tissue / Acupressure Massage focuses mainly on the major tension bands running through the body and is super effective for minimise injuries and staying in the game for longer. A huge thanks to Andy for all the support that you bring to our community mate.

Contact Andrew on: 0415 389 079


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10kg in 10 weeks – April Shaker of the Month

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