The Shake UP™
is for everyone…

YES!! The Shake UP™ training is suitable for all fitness levels or age groups. From those who are new to exercise to the die hard, fitness fanatics. It’s about you performing your best and that is all that matters! The common quality that all of our participants demonstrate is a 100% attitude. All we ask is that you give your 100% for less than half an hour of physical effort.

It’s all about intensity over duration…

Our training principles are structured around what is known as ICE training “Intense Cardiovascular Exercise”. In other words, to achieve maximum fat loss we need maintain maximal efforts over realistic time frames. This is why; we have carefully designed each Shake Up sessions to be a strict 25 minutes.

Don’t let this scare you off though…

This is very much within your capabilities and is the best known way to loose fat while maintaining valuable muscle mass. Awesome science based research has proven this method to Increase calorie expenditure (aka burn more fat!). The Shake UP™ is structured to ensure all participants perform different activities, continually meeting new effort levels specific to the individual. This will guarantee there is always a new form of stimulus to your training and Shake you towards your goals.

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Remember if you feel overwhelmed and unmotivated, our super experience Shake UP coaches are here for you. They are passionate about providing you a safe, motivating and very challenging environment to help you succeed and achieve your goal.

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