Dad Turns His Life Around In 10 Weeks

When you become a dad, your soul is filled with love. This euphoric love is often followed by the sleep deprivation, shitty eating habits and zero energy for exercise!

How To Rediscover Your Mojo & Be An Awesome Dad

Adam started his fitness journey at The Shake UP because he was off track. He was well over the 100kg mark and feeling flat.

He knew he needed accountability so he signed up for our Challenge. Adam needed to be around people who were going to lift him to his best.

He got off the beers, cleaned up his eating and trained 3 – 4 times a week.

The coolest part about Adams success story is that his kids shared his journey, cheering him on at every training session.

Now that is what great parenting is all about!

Why Adam Loves The Shake UP

When we asked Adam what he loves about The Shake UP, he told us the people!

When you are on a mission to change, the best thing you can do is surround yourself with an awesome support crew!

Thanks for all of your hard work Adam….Shake on Legend

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Dad Turns His Life Around In 10 Weeks

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