Body Transformation and a Busy Schedule

Busy Parent’s guide to getting that summer body!

If you are fed up with telling yourself that you want to look better and have more energy, this blog is your call to action…Vitality and body confidence are totally achievable!

There are few human endeavors as selfless as parenting. Time becomes your most valuable commodity and often we put our own well-being on the back burner. With what seems the blink of an eye, the kids have grown as has the waistline and energy levels are at an all time low!

At the Shake UP we are super fortunate to see so many busy parents go from being overweight and unhappy to radiating energy and looking 10 years younger!

Sally Adams is our January Shaker of the month and has a pretty inspiring transformation story! Sally is a registered nurse who works crazy hours and is an amazing mum to her kids. Sally was fed up with not fitting into her clothes and feeling lethargic all the time.

In October 2016, Sally decided she needed to do something, so she committed herself to our 10 week challenge.

Sally’s life responsibilities weren’t looking like changing anytime soon and she wasn’t prepared to make excuses any longer.

What makes Sally so remarkable is that she found a way to rebuild her eating habits around her busy schedule and she applied herself for long enough to experience success!

Today Sally is 8kg lighter, wearing whatever she wants to and can’t believe how much energy she has! We caught up with Sally to find out how she achieved so much with so little time:

Tell us a bit about yourself Sally?

I am a registered Nurse. I have 2 children, Tom (12) Georgia (10) and I stepchild Gemma (5).

I am married to my husband Bruce Almighty! Life is pretty busy as Bruce and I work long hours at Tweed hospital and we also do some teaching.

12 months ago you weren’t fitting into your clothing and you were suffering from insomnia. How have you turned your life around so dramatically?

I guess i just had enough of feeling fat, tired and unhappy with my body shape and energy levels!

I was really suffering with insomnia and thought that there has to be a better way to live!

That is the greatest motivator I think. It’s that moment when you know that you need to make some positive changes at all costs! That Snap point!

I joined the Spring 10 week Challenge and I knew exactly why I was doing it.I committed myself with some clear goals and from there the process was pretty simple.

Can you tell us how this has changed your life?

I have shifted another 2kgs since doing the challenge so I am down 8 kg in total.I am back into my jeans that I haven’t worn in months. I am so much more confident and I am proud of how I am looking and feeling right now!

My sleeping patterns have improved dramatically! Previously I would be napping in the arvos and laying awake at night, staring at the ceiling. I can confidently say that cleaning up my eating has helped my sleep patterns. I feel as though I have so much energy!

I believe that I have improved my metabolic functions! Bruce and I enjoyed Christmas and the holiday period. We ate pretty well and drank more than we probably should have but we continue to shift body fat without cutting calories. This has changed our relationship with food and we are loving it!

Are these changes achievable being a busy, working parent?

Definitely. It’s all about just getting organised and staying consistent for long enough to see the results! Bruce and I prepared all of our food in advance so that great choices were always available. We trained here at The Shake UP for 25 minutes, 3 to 4 times a week and that is something that we can fit into our schedule because being fit and healthy is a priority for us!

What do you love most about The Shake UP?

I love that it’s quick, it’s hard and there are always great people here to have a few laughs with while you train. I have always trained in gyms or bootcamps but this is the best program I have ever experienced! It is kind of addictive which is what you want from training. You look forward to coming here.

What is the toughest workout for you?

The rope and run workout…R&R as we like to call it!

Well done Sally. These life changing success stories are the reason The Shake UP was created!


As our Shaker of the Month, Sally has scored herself a treatment with Anchor health clinic. Alex Yates is a guru in woman’s well being and has 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry. Anchor Health Clinic -0422 635 649 -22/2 Eighth Ave. Palm Beach, Qld, 4224

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