Chrisite Flaxman, Challenge Winner, Summer 2015

The Shake UP – ‘Keep it Real Challenge’ is an initiative designed to create accountability for our hard working community.  To succeed on your fitness journey, you need to grab a hold of something very tangible that will provide you with lasting motivation. One of the most powerful tools for this, are before and after photos. We believe it is our responsibility to create as much accountability for our members as possible. The Challenge is clear, high quality and consistent photography on the month, every month to present our members with a very unique form of measuring progress.

The Shake UP mission states that we are all about creating strong training communities that influence and inspire through positive energy, functional movement training & nourishing nutrition.

When our members make the kind of lifestyle changes required and really commit to our training program, their results speak for themselves! The culture and energy of a Shake UP sessions will continue to grow and inspire as long as members like Christie Flaxman continue to achieve their goals! We have had the pleasure of watching Christie transform her life over the past 2 years!

Christie joined the Shake UP in June 2013 and hated it with a passion! Like everyone who is new to high intensity training, the Shake UP sessions really kicked her ass in the beginning but she made a decision to tough it out and follow through with the promise she’d made to herself.

Body shape changes, improved function and fitness are all challenges that take consistent commitment! Christie’s progress in these “Before & After” photos are the result of continued commitment and a great attitude!

We recently caught up with Christie to chat about the ancient art of power spewing, shedding fat and Coach Mick’s questionable choice in music….

KIRP Winner - Summer 2015_S

G’day Christie…Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well for starters I am half the person I used to be!!
I am now someone who enjoys exercise and “likes” to push myself harder than I ever knew possible.
I don’t want to turn 30 next month – but I can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life!!
I enjoy the odd wine, vodka, bourbon and man do I love lunch!!!

How long have you been a member of the Shake UP?

I think about 2 years 

Why did you begin your Shake UP journey?

My sister introduced me to the program, and my mum said yes she would come with me. I needed to get Fat Christie out of bed and moving, and thought I would give it a try. My first session I spewed my guts up and could hardly sit down to pee!! But went back on the Thursday and did it all again. The rest is history!!! 

In these last 6 months you have really managed to drop some body fat, can you give us an idea of the awesome changes you have achieved?

In the past year I have shredded through 20 kilos of fat, I have dropped about 3 dress sizes and I now have a really long slim neck. Check it out!!! 

What do you enjoy most about the Shake UP?

I love the variety of exercise, the push from Ben and Mick and the competitiveness that comes out in me…… It is just that the other members don’t know we are in a competition. This gives me the winning edge. Except against Kath….. Kath always wins!!!!! 

What don’t you enjoy about the Shake UP?

Coach Mick’s choice of music – hahahahaha or when the whole session is Burpees!

What’s your worst exercise/workout?

Ball slams and BIG tyre flipping – I hate these mother effers 

What’s your Why Christie? What gets you through the ugly times in a Shake UP session?

Sometimes I feel like why the hell do I do this to myself. Then I look at the photos of where I am now I remember why!! Compared to where I was I look amazing, I feel amazing and deciding what to wear is now fun!

We understand it’s annoying getting your photo taken every few months. Does the Keep it Real program motivate you?

When I saw my current photo yesterday I cried!! I know I have come so far but there is so much more I want to change. So I kicked my arse this morning at the gym, put my weights up and grunted my way through the session like a mongrel. Photos don’t lie!! But for crying out loud Ben have you never heard of photo shop!!!!  

Congratulations on the success Christie! For all of her hard work and commitment, our Keep It Real Challenge Top Dog for summer 2015 has scored herself a Punish Nutrition Pack, valued at $250.00!!!! A huge thanks to the Punish Crew for their commitment to The Shake UP.

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Chrisite Flaxman, Challenge Winner, Summer 2015

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