Christie Flaxman, Shaker of the Month, August ’14

Everyone’s journey to improved health and fitness is different. Who knows how long it will take before the results start to show? Some pack it in before the magic happens and others dig their heels in and fight for the change that they know they are capable of! Christie Flaxman is a Shake UP foundation member and a fighter who began her Shake UP journey hatting every minute of it! Now 14kg’s lighter and dominating the workouts, Christie is Augusts Shaker of the Month. We caught up with Christie to chat about her goals, not wearing pants and those ever elusive power spews…

So Christie, Tell us a little about yourself?

 I am 29 years old, I work for schoolies, I am married…

How long have you been a member at the Shake UP for?

Um…I think I joined in March last year? So 16 months! Yep… one of the originals!

So what have you achieved over these last 16 months?

Lost 14 kg’s which I am pretty stoked about. That and I have got heaps fitter and stronger!

What are your currently health and fitness goals?

I really want to get to 55 kilo’s!

What happens when you get there?

I’ll be hot! Might not wear pants anymore…ha ha ha

What keeps you coming back to TSU?

Everybody else that’s here for sure. I like the fun atmosphere.I like that its not too serious if you don’t want it to be.

Worst exercise?

Running, it just hurts so much!  I love complaining about hurting. Everyone hears about how sore I am!

What’s the biggest challenge on your Shake UP journey?

Probably getting to know everyone in the early stages. It can be embarrassing in the beginning when everything is hard. Nobody cares here though!

Can we talk about the spews?…. You always seem to bounce right back though don’t you!

Yeah I usually sneak off into the back ground or the bushes to deal with it. Better out than in!

Fair Play…

The Shake UP is a great place to train because of members like Christie! The 1st to welcome new members, continually bringing friends along and filling every session with infectious laughter! A very deserved winner of our Zarraffa’s Shaker of the month. $50.00 worth of delicious Zarraffa’s Pacific Pines coffee. Thanks to Jimmy & Dette for their continued generosity and support for our community.

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Christie Flaxman, Shaker of the Month, August ’14

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