Deb Hanvey, Shaker of the Month, Jan ’15

“I have been here in Australia for 30 years and there are only really 2 communities that I have felt so relaxed and so welcome in. One is Church and the other is here at the Shake UP!”

Deb Hanvey is the epitome of the Shake UP spirit! A 60 year old girl with an unbreakable attitude. Always super consistent, turns up with a smile on her face and regularly brings delicious veggies from her home garden for the crew. We recently caught up with Deb to chat about kicking ass at 60 and conquering the Milford Track.

So Deb, tell us a little about yourself?

Um…I am a 60 year old girl who doesn’t think 60 or feel 60 at all! I work at Coles and love my job, I have one daughter and one Grandson, I have been in Australia for 30 years. I have always loved and played team sports but the hours I work make that tough these days. Finding the Shake UP has enabled me to keep in shape mentally and physically.

How long have you been a member at the Shake UP?

12 months! Time flies when you are having fun!!! Kerry Oliver is a friend of mine and I saw the results she was getting so I thought I would come along and have a look….and man I was hooked! I knew I needed to get back into training or I would never would so I joined up and I have never looked back.

So what have you achieved over these last 12 months?

So much. I have never been able to run very well so I can’t believe I ran the Gold Coast Marathon 5.7km last year and came 10th in my age group! I ran the Mother’s Day Classic in honour of my parents and then in November last year I completed the Milford Track – “The finest walk in the world”. This was a 5 day/ 4 night hike through all conditions, carrying our packs and was something that I have wanted to do since I was a little girl.

What are your current health and fitness goals?

I am doing the Stair Challenge in September and will walk Uluru at some stage this year. The girls here are all doing Mud Rush this year and they asked me to join which I think is just so lovely. I feel cool doing these things and love being included. We will see how long I can keep going!

What keeps you coming back to TSU?

I have to say I feel so alive coming down here. Like I said earlier, there aren’t many communities that I have felt so welcome in as here at the Shake UP.

 Worst exercise?


Deb is always a regular at our Saturday morning Zarraffa’s session and will enjoy the very generous $50.00 Shaker of the Month voucher from Jimmy and Dette at Zarraffas Pacific Pines. Your support is always very much appreciated guys.


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