How to get what you want in life

The Shake UP is a high intensity training program that is filled with courageous people who know how to get what they want in life…Results!

Gordon Rutty is one of those kind of people.

Anyone who has crossed paths with Gordo will tell you that their life has been enriched through his unique spirit. Gordo is one of those blokes who really listens and is very aware of the power of human connection.

On any given day, you’ll find Gordo strutting his way into one of our training sessions with that look of willingness and excitement in his eyes. People who possess that kind of open curiosity around learning and improving themselves are unstoppable!

How’s this for unstoppable…In the month of July this year, Gordo will be knocking out 42km in the GC marathon. One week later he’ll be up in the GC Hinterland, tracking through 48km in the Kokoda Challenge and to top it all off, he’ll round the month out by flying to PNG to complete the gruelling 96km Kokoda Trail! 

What we admire most though about our May Shaker of the month is his cool sense of humility. Gordo will openly tell you how much he adores his beautiful family but to learn of his super successful career or how he flies helicopters for fun you pretty much have to pry it out of him!

We recently caught up with Gordo to chat about life and making the most of what you’ve got:

So Gordo, Tell us a bit about yourself?

Um….Ok, I guess I’d probably call myself a pretty holistic kind of person. I love life and enjoy connecting with people. I believe that in one way or another, we are all one and that we are all here to support one another. I try to take this attitude into my daily life.

I really feel like I am just so fortunate. I have a beautiful wife Karen who I have been married to for 22 years! I have a 4 kids – My daughter Georgia who is 27, my eldest son Connor is 20, Lucas is 15 and Hunter is 7 years old.

I am a very lucky man!

What are your secrets to success?

I think gratitude plays a huge part in success. I like to remind myself of how lucky I am on a daily basis. I am also a big believer in the law of attraction. You find what you are constantly looking for and thinking of in life. I try my best to stay conscious of my internal and external dialogue to ensure I that I catch myself if I am ever caught up in conversations that aren’t helpful. I learned many years ago that success comes from utilising and overcoming challenges. That’s where true personal development happens! A great mentor of mine, Wayne Dyer has a great quote that says, “There is no meaning to anything in life but the meaning you give it”.

Why do you train Gordo?

I guess I just love the feeling I get from training! I really value being fit and able as it allows me to do all of the things that I want to do in life.

Why do you do what you do?

I have a pretty strong sense of connect with people and I believe that the more people I can help in life, the more enjoyable life will be. I founded my company, Smart Property Research because I saw that as a great way that I can help people reach their full potential. In my opinion, investing in the right property is a low risk, time efficient vehicle to build wealth.

What do you love about the Shake UP?

I’d have to say the people. I have some great friends here. I enjoy this because it’s always very different. It challenges me because it tests me in many different ways. It’s all about being uncomfortable and this place certainly gets me there…in a good way!

For being such a bloody legend, Gordo has scored himself a treatment with Alex Yates of Anchor health clinic. Alex is a master in acupuncture, massage and keeping people mobile and we can’t recommend her services enough!

To get in touch with Alex, give her a call on

0422 635 649

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How to get what you want in life

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