Jack Bowser, Shaker of the Month, May ’14

Do you remember being 13?   Not a stress in the world, eating whatever you pleased, sleeping 12 hours a day and just hanging for the holidays.
We all discover our passion and find direction at different stages throughout our lives. Some of us just know from a young age who we want to be and go after it, like a bull at a gate, Jack Bowser is a Shake UP inspiration story who knows what he wants and will achieve everything he sets his sights on!  This is a 13 year old boy who understands that if he is to fulfil his dreams of playing for the Suns, he needs a unique level of conditioning that sets him apart from the competition. Even if this means hitting the hills on a chilly winters morning when most of his mates are sleeping.

Jack’s attitude and commitment are a classic example of the Shake UP culture. A young man who is prepared to work hard and encourage those around him to lift to his level.

Every young athlete owes the world to their parents and in Jack’s case he has two of the best on his side! Mel and Jeff Bowser have been involved in the Shake UP from the beginning and are there supporting Jack every step of the way.

Jack nailed an 11.10 on our most recent attempt at the Beep Test and achieved this with his father,Jeff running by his side in support.

We caught up with Jacko recently to talk sport, training and those early morning starts…

So Jacko, tell us a little bit about yourself mate?

Well I am 13 years old and I am in year 8

What are you most passionate about?

I love rowing and playing AFL. I was recently selected to trial for a representative QLD footy team.

How long have you been training with the Shake UP for?

Its been about 12 months I think.

What is it that keeps you coming back to the Shake UP?

I just want to keep improving my fitness so I can be the best I can be at the sports I love playing.

What is the biggest challenge for you in achieving your goals?

Umm.. sometimes its kinda hard getting outta bed on those cold mornings.

Worst exercise at the Shake UP?


Where will Jack Bowser be in 3-5 years from now?

I’d love to go to Nationals for rowing and be playing for the Gold Coast Suns.

At the time of writing this, Jack returned from the Central QLD Rowing Championships in Rockhampton. Jacko and his crew rocked a 1st place in the quad and Double skulls and a 4th place in the semi for singles!
Natural talent, mental toughness and the self belief to make his dreams come true. We believe Jack Bowser is a very deserving winner of the “Zarraffa’s Shaker of the Month”. Dette and Jimmy Williams lead the team of the best baristas in QLD. Their continued support for the local community is amazing. $50.00 of delicious coffee coming at you Bowser’s!

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Jack Bowser, Shaker of the Month, May ’14

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