Lauren Burns, Shaker of the Month, Oct ’14

Being a part of the Shake UP training community has absolutely nothing to do with size, shape, age or ability. The only real pre-requisite is the right attitude and willingness to give it your best.
Our October Shaker of the Month is a legend in every sense of the word! Less than 48 hours after a pretty challenging Shake UP session, Lauren Burns gave birth to her new baby boy Angus! 6 months ago when Lauren mentioned that she was pregnant, there was no doubt that this determined champion would train her way through to delivering a very healthy baby.
We caught up with Lauren the week before Angus’ arrival to chat about the challenges of training for 2.

G’day Lozi. Tell us a little about yourself.

Ok so I am 39 weeks pregnant and still training at the Shake UP a couple of times a week. Being able to train through this pregnancy has been very important to me. I feel great!

That’s pretty awesome Loz! How long have you been a Shaker for?

Um… about 15 months.

How does it feel training for 2 people?

It’s tough. You just feel like you lose your fitness more and more throughout the process.

Tell us about your goals, pre and post pregnancy and why training through pregnancy is so important to you?

I have looked back on my challenge photos before pregnancy and I looked so good! Like all women, I was my biggest critic back then but now that I have gone through this pregnancy I guess I am more aware of how important it is to enjoy looking good and not be too hard on yourself.

Training throughout this journey is something I promised myself. I never want to make excuses for not looking after my health.Once I give birth I will be on a mission to get my pre-baby body back! As soon as the doctor gives me the all clear, I am there!

What keeps you coming back to the Shake UP?

The environment and people for sure! I love the short intense workouts! The trainers are passionate and motivate everyone. I just love it!

Worst exercise or workout?

Burpees or any workout involving burpees. They are very effective though so I am happy to do them.
On behalf of the entire Shake UP community, we would love to wish Lauren, Steve and Angus all the best and a very happy, healthy life! For all of her hard work and commitment over the last 15 months and all of the hard work to come, Lozi deserves some seriously delicious coffee and lots of it! Zarraffa’s Pacific Pines very generously rewards our Shaker of the month with $50.00 of delicious coffee. Next time you are grabbing a coffee, be sure to thank Jimmy or Bernadette for the amazing support they give this community!

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