Mel Bowser, Shaker of the Month, April’16

In the Shake UP’s early beginnings,way back in March 2013, there were a handful of our original members helping to build the dream. These original members were the guinea pigs really! The sessions had not been tested on groups, there was no “tough” Shake UP training culture for the new members to be influenced by. It literally was a handful of people and a trainer delivering pretty intense sessions that really “Shook things UP”!

Our April Shaker of the Month is one of these original members. Mel Bowser has been a valuable member of our training community for the past 3 years, training alongside her husband Jeff and sons Jack and Zane. It’s a full on family affair for the Bowsers!

Since beginning at the Shake UP back in those early days, Mel has come a long way, improving her strength, fitness and toughness and influencing so many people around her to do the same.
Training the house down certainly is admirable but it’s the positive changes that Mel has made in the kitchen over these past 10 weeks that we are most impressed about!
Mel has just completed our 10 week Challenge and is down 6kgs, stripped 35cm of fat from her body shape, is beaming with energy and training with more grit than we have seen since the summer of 2013!

We recently caught up with Mel to chat about what it takes to get through 10 weeks of clean eating with athletic teenage boys and a husband who acts like a teenage boy!

So, tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a mother of two very active teenage boys and am happily married to my husband Jeff. Life is pretty busy, managing the boys football teams and racing them around to all the various sports that they are involved in. I also work as a swim coach, helping little kids learn to swim. Family and friends are the most important part of my life.

How long have you been training at The Shake UP?
Since the beginning I guess? It’s grown seriously since those days. It’s gotten harder too might I add!

What have you achieved since being here at the Shake UP? Maybe tell us a little about your 10 week challenge experience?
I have improved in strength and fitness loads since beginning. I guess I have built a pretty good tolerance for intense training. Up until the summer challenge, it was always about training to accommodate the eating, drinking and socialising habits. I am feeling great and now have a very good understanding of what my body responds well to and what it does not tolerate. It feels good to not be bloated and slow. I am very happy with the outcome from the challenge and am happy to say that the habits are sticking. It certainly is a way of life for us.
Jeff is pretty happy with my changes and thanks you for that. Ha..Ha!

What gets you through a session? What’s your motivator?
I guess I block things out. I like to put the blinkers on and try to ignore what’s going on around me.

What keeps you coming back to the Shake UP ?
This environment is unlike an other! I have always done some form of group training but this is such a positive group of people, it’s always challenging and it’s always a laugh.
Believe it or not, this environment has really helped our relationships as a family. Jeff and the boys get to spend more time together by coming down here and sharing this time and a common interest. We do so much together but I reckon this gets more engagement and more conversation out of the boys than anything else. Zane and Jack both love coming down here and they want to be here. It helps keep Jeff and I accountable.

Worst exercise?
Bear crawls!

Mel has been consistently challenging herself at The Shake UP for the past 3 years and is in the best shape of her life. A very deserved winner of our Shaker of the Month. For all her hard work and commitment, Mel has scored herself a $50.00 coffee voucher from the very supportive team at Zarraffas Pacific Pines. Thanks so much to Gina and her team for delivering the best coffee on the Gold Coast and always doing it with a smile. We are super grateful for your continued support to the local community.


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