Paul Jacobs, Shaker of the Month, Feb ’16

Our Palm Beach February Shaker of the month is an absolute legend!

Our local community is super fortunate and very grateful for the sense of duty and commitment to community service that people like Paul Jacobs make on a daily basis.

Anyone who has seen the way Pauly trains will understand that he is a QLD Police officer who values the importance of being mentally and physically prepared for anything.

Pauly isn’t required to train like a beast week in week out. He believes that being physically and mentally strong will ensure that he is at his best while serving his community and while being a role model to his 3 young children.

We recently caught up with Pauly to chat about how being fit,strong and confident helps in his busy life.

So Paul, tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok.. I am 39 years old. My beautiful wife Ruth and I are English and we have been in living here in Australia for the past 9 years.We have 3 kids, aged 7, 5 and 2 years old and things are pretty busy. I am a Police officer at Palm Beach Station and have been with the Police Force for the last 5 years.

How long have you been training at The Shake UP?

Almost a year I guess, three quarters of a year.

Why do you train Paul?

I think the reason I started coming down to the Shake UP was to be fit for my job. I had an incident at work that was a pretty heated and very physical 5-10 minutes. We made some arrests and got everyone in the vans and when things calmed down I realised that I wasn’t fit enough to handle a situation like that. I was out of breath and at that point I knew I needed to improve myself physically.

In my job, I can go from sitting in the office or in the van, to moments that are very physical and I believe I need to be ready and prepared to handle that.

What gets you through a session? What’s your motivator?

Um, I just know how good it feels when you lay on your back at the end of a session knowing that you completed it and pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone. I guess its almost like a natural drug in a sense. That euphoric high that comes from high intensity training. It becomes pretty addictive.

What have you achieved since being here at the Shake UP?

The mental strength is a big thing for me. Physically I have leaned up and built some real strength and conditioning. Um…I just feel better! Being a shift worker is tough and it messes with your sleep patterns. I feel like these days I am better equipped to handle less sleep and my energy levels stay high.An example from the other morning I finshed at 2.00am, had a few hours sleep and got up to come and train at 5.00am.

What keeps you coming back to the Shake UP Paul?

It’s a friendly, supportive group atmosphere. I love that there are people of varying ages, shapes and sizes all coming together to train and support one another. I really love that the sessions are 25 minutes. It works really well for me trying to balance work and family life. I know I can always get to 3 of the 6 sessions here at PBC on a weekly basis.

Worst exercise?

I think the more aerobic sessions get me. The ones where we sprint then go into strength movements. It’s just so hard to catch your breath! I am improving though.

What a legend! Its an absolute pleasure having guys like Pauly in our training community. A very deserved winner of our Shaker of the Month. For all his hard work and commitment, Pauly has scored himself a remedial massage with the Guru Sports massage therapist Peter Griffin from Palm Beach Chiropractic. Thanks so much to Pete for the continued support to the Shake UP.




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Paul Jacobs, Shaker of the Month, Feb ’16

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