“What’s on our label is in our product” – Punish Natural Nutrition

The Shake UP training communities are filled with parents, tradies and busy business owners who all come together, sharing a common objective. To become their best and enjoy the journey.

Sometimes enjoying the journey just isn’t possible! The reality is that if you are going to become, leaner, faster, stronger and better, you are going to face your fair share of hurt along the way! Our advice is to prepare yourself with a giant bag of tricks, tips and strategies that you can implement when the going gets tough.

Understanding how supplementation can help is one of the greatest strategies that will certainly keep you in the game longer.

Since the Shake UP’s beginnings, we have been super fortunate to have the Punish Natural nutrition crew on our side, helping to keep our members up to date with the highest quality nutritional products on the market.

The Punish team are a bunch of legends who know their stuff . We recently caught up with the guys to talk sports nutrition and how it all began:

So ,What is Punish all about?

Punish is an Australian owned lifestyle company which has expanded by forming one of Australia’s first & most reputable boutique Natural sports and health supplement manufacturer companies, along with it’s fitness, fight gear, clothing & apparel products.

How did it all begin?

The directors of Punish were looking to introduce a new line of product to the company and were throwing a few ideas around when they came up with nutrition supplements. The problem was, both directors couldn’t take any of the current supplements on the market because they were sensitive to certain artificial low quality ingredients and cheap fillers that caused stomach cramping and bloating. The directors were also concerned about unsafe ingredients in products on the market from suppliers who use fancy marketing to blind consumers by unsubstantiated claims and unsafe products.

So….  After two years of study & research, Punish had their formulations ready for each product containing selected ingredients and were looking for a company to manufacture and package their products. After talking with other brands and contract manufacturers they were told “it’s too difficult and too expensive to do a product with natural ingredients the way you want it, it will taste bad, you should just use artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners and the current cheap trends of ingredients on the market” etc etc.

The DecisionAfter being told by the big players in the industry that we were wasting our time and it wasn’t achievable we had a decision to make. Either do it the cheap nasty way or stick to our guns and do it the most natural and safest way we could.

The Result: The directors were not interested in manufacturing a product that their wives, partners, sons and grandchildren were not safe to take so decided instead of using outside manufacturers & other branded products they should look into manufacturing their own specially designed products  in house. Yes it would be more expensive, yes it would take more research, yes it would be more difficult but Punish wanted a safe honest product that they knew exactly “what was on our label was in our product” with only the highest quality natural ingredients where possible including natural proteins, pure amino acids, using natural sweeteners, natural flavours, natural colours, & gluten free ingredients.

The Punish Natural Nutrition slogan soon followed: “What’s on our label is in our product”

And so Punish Natural Nutrition was born!

What role should supplementation play in the modern diet?

There are so many varieties of supplements and different reasons people need to include them in their diet so it is difficult to generalise them as a whole but basically, supplements are intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities through food alone.

Some people are doing higher intensity exercise than others, therefore need more nutrients than can be consumed by food alone and need fast absorption of nutrients and this is where supplements can help. Some people are deficient in certain nutrients and can’t meet the requirements through food alone so they need supplements. Some people are blessed to stay lean, others need help to manage their weight as their bodies have slower metabolisms and don’t burn fat like some people without the aid of supplements.

Everyone is different and supplements can assist in so many ways. Always try to find a quality supplement brand that uses natural and pure ingredients wherever possible. e.g. natural flavours, natural sweeteners, natural colours. It is very important and we always teach our customers that supplements are not magic potions. Everyone needs to try their best to have healthy diets and exercise as part of their daily routine and do their best to reduce stress and seek happiness from a healthy lifestyle and positive people.

Whats next for Punish?

We will continue to strive to achieve our goals doing our best to grow our business by providing our customers with honest quality products and the best service possible.

Thanks guys. It’s great to see a local, boutique business staying true to its vision, growing and always evolving to bring the highest quality sports supplementation to the wellness industry.

Punish have a huge range of fight gear and Natural nutritional products,with free delivery to anywhere in Australia!

Jump onto their website www.punish.com.au and take advantage of the very well priced Punish range.

We would be super appreciative if you could also type -THESHAKEUP into the comments area of your purchase so the boys can stay up to date with the Shake UP community.

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“What’s on our label is in our product” – Punish Natural Nutrition

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