What’s Sabotaging Your Potential?

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What Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Potential?

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Is it you?

Are you doing everything in your power to be your best? Every day?

Yes? Awesome! Thanks for reading, Tony Robbins ; ) 

No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us are not reaching our potential.

Would you agree?



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Why do you think that is?

Why aren’t you reaching your potential?

Work Getting in the way?
Family commitments?
Lacking motivation?

The answer to that question is different for everyone, but typically, it can be answered by…

A lack of focus…

Or more accurately, a lack of focus on the steps necessary to achieve your goals, your dreams, your potential.

My dream is to create a community of people who are inspired, and who inspire others to be the best they can be through health, fitness and positivity – and through the success of this community, be able to provide for, and spend quality time with my family.

Big dream? Yes.
Achievable? I hope so.
Worth fighting for? Hell yeah!

So that is a great dream to have, but just dreaming it won’t make it happen. I can’t just focus on the outcome and hope I get there.

I need to:

Determine the steps necessary to get to that end-point,
I need to break them down into achievable goals,
I need to determine the steps necessary to reach those goals,

Then… I need to make it happen.

How Do I Make Better Smartphones Than Apple?

If my goal is to make better Smart Phones than the iPhone, and push Apple out of the market, I need to focus on the steps necessary to make it happen, not just that ultimate goal.

Or, more realistically, if my goal is to run 10km in a certain time…

I need to:

Determine the steps necessary for me to run 10km in under X minutes,
Break those steps down into achievable goals,
Determine the steps necessary to achieve those goals,

Then… I make it happen.

I focus on what I have to do today, what I have to do this week, and what I have to do this month to achieve my goal. Without that specific focus, I will be focussed on the end goal, but not necessarily doing what is necessary to achieve that goal.

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Same goal, different approach.

Who do you think is more likely to achieve their goal?

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I watched Ash go through this process. She wrote down her “WHY” – she knew exactly what she wanted.

She determined the steps necessary for her to “…feel comfortable and confident in her body.”

She broke those steps down into achievable goals,

She determined the steps necessary to achieve those goals,


She made it happen.

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Ash has done what she said she would, and she has achieved what she set out to achieve.

She has shown amazing dedication to the ultimate goal by focusing on the individual steps that were necessary to achieve that goal.

I know you’re not finished yet Ash, but you have already achieved so much.

Well done, and congratulations on being our Shaker of the Month.

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Ash has scored herself Box Seats to the Titans game from our awesome supporters, Proactive Electrical, as well as $10 off an amazing massage from the exceptional therapists at No More Niggles.
Thank you so much for your ongoing support.


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We had a chat to Ash to find out what makes her tick. Have a read below…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…….

My name is Ashleigh, I’m 22 and I work full time at QGR Accountants


You’ve been a part of The Shake UP Community since September, what was it that brought you here?

I was doing a ‘boot camp’ when I was at home and then when I moved up here by myself I didn’t know anybody –  I started work so I thought I’ll join a boot camp like I did at home so I joined a ‘boot camp’ and it was good. I made some good friends but it wasn’t the type of ‘boot camp’ that I wanted and then you guys came in to QGR, I did challenge and the rest is history.


Can you tell me one achievement that you are proud of to date:

Definitely the clothing. I’ve never been this size. Ever! and that’s something that’s really cool. I’ve got more confidence, and more energy, but mainly the confidence. I wouldn’t really go out anywhere and be confident before I did the Challenge, but now I do, and I’m confident.


To make those changes, you have to push yourself pretty hard during the workouts, what is it that gets you through a workout?

You! : )

One thing that goes through my head is “Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re finished.” And also, just focus on the round that you’re doing, and then when you’re at the end and you’re nearly finished you just think there’s only 2 more to go so just do it and then that’s it.


So what is it that you like about The Shake UP? What keeps you coming back?

The training and the people.

It’s such a good group of people. The trainings hard which is good. A lot of boot camps are quite cliquey, and The Shake UP isn’t. Everybody just gets involved.


Can you tell us how the Shake UP has impacted your everyday life?

I wake up in the morning and I either work out or I’m sore – most of the time both! So it’s a feeling of accomplishment as soon as you wake up – or after you finish training and then all day at work you feel better. Everyone notices when I come into work after I train. They’re like “Why are you so happy?”


Which exercise is your least favourite?

Mountain climbers.  They kill me!