2 Key business behaviors that attract success

At The Shake UP, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by local business owners who are achieving extraordinary success. Its no secret that the success these business owners are experiencing is a product of their rock solid discipline and dedication to themselves and their quest for self improvement.

Recently, I read an article published in Entrepreneur.com called 10 behaviours of unstoppable entrepreneurs. There were two particular behaviors in this list that we get to see being played out by our members on a regular basis:

1. Unstoppable entrepreneurs get proper nutrition and exercise

You can generally tell the people who are chasing down their dreams by their training and eating habits. These people are our greatest inspirations and are a pleasure to have in our community as their attitude and commitment are infectious!

Rather than sit here and list all of the optimal behaviours required for holistic success, we would prefer to discuss the remarkable actions of the role models in our communities. Men and women who repeatedly improve and grow through challenging situations.

Dean Kenway owns a pumping electrical company called Reef Cosa Electrical and has been training 3 to 4 times a week at our Palm Beach location for the past 2 years.

Phil Rice is one of the founders at Buzzword, the Gold Coast’s greatest Web, Email and SEO company. In the past 18 months, Phil has transformed his body and the way he moves, training 3 to 4 times a week at the Shake UP Palm Beach.

These 2 blokes are busy! They run businesses, they are parents, they have the same number of hours in the day as all of us, yet they continue to successfully grow their businesses and take on just about any adventurous challenge that they can find a pen to sign up for!

Kokoda Challenge, Spartan,True Grit, Fight Like a Pro, Cooly Classic Ocean Swim…the list goes on!

Dean’s drive comes from his affinity for social interaction with other positive, fun and inspiring people. When you lead by example, you inadvertently acquire a following of like minded crew, who feed off your example. On many occasions I have mentioned to Dean the impact he is having on so many around him and like most great leaders, he smiles and shrugs off the accolades.

I recently asked Dean why he trained so hard, so consistently. This was his response:

“I’m convinced that maintenance of my physical health has a dramatic positive effect on my mental health which allows to me live a full and enriching life”

The second key behaviour listed in entrepreneur.com that we observe being lived out on the daily is this:

2.Unstoppable entrepreneurs position themselves to serve

To be effective as a business owner, you need to serve your customers, serve your team and create a culture that encourages that helping behaviour within the organisation.

I once overheard Dean and Phil talking about their ‘Working Bee Project’, a selfless group of friends, helping one another out by doing some gardening, building, painting or whatever was required on a Saturday arvo. The collective spirit to serve and put others first. It says so much about a person’s character

Dean is a huge contributor within the Fight like a Pro community and recently put his hand up along with a whole host of selfless legends to rebuild the The Sanctuary Women’s Refuge.

At the Shake UP, Phil is our number one advocate! What impresses us most though is that on any given day, you will find Phil going out of his way to welcome new members into our community with a smile and some quirky banter. These new Shake UP members are instantly exposed to a group culture that boosts positive energy, all through the actions of legends like Phil!

Our daily habits and actions define our character and these 2 blokes move through all aspects of their lives with a strong sense of self, the willingness to help others and a healthy hunger for adventure.

Jim Rohn famously said, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’

There is no doubt about it… success in life is all about surrounding yourself with those who are leading the way.

Fortunately for all of us, The Shake UP is becoming a great little hub for small business owners, who value their well being and love to be physically and mentally challenged!

Inspire and be inspired healthy humans!

If you would like to surround yourself with people like Phil and Dean, our ‘7 Day Free Trial’ is the place to start

Shake on…