3 Essential keys for life success

What is the secret recipe for success?

Success in relationships? Success in business? Success in health? Success in life?

No matter how much we dream of it, there is no one secret. Here at The Shake Up, we are in a unique position to witness people from all walks of life, in all stages of life, striving for success on a daily basis. We are fortunate enough to witness and be involved in so much positive change and to witness so many people successfully achieve their goals. Unfortunately, we also see people strive for success, only to fall short of their goals.

Now there is no magic bullet, but this unique vantage point gives us the opportunity to connect some dots and pin point some common threads.

A Strong ‘WHY’ – you need to appreciate why you need to make changes before you are willing to give it everything

A Positive Attitude – change is hard. You need a positive attitude to get you through the hard times.

No Excuses – making excuses allows you to justify failure. Finding ways to make change happen despite your challenges is the only way to move forward.

Murray Waugh is our November Shaker of the Month, and Murray ticks all these boxes.

Murray has only been with The Shake Up for 10 weeks, but he has made amazing changes already and it is easy to see why. Murray has been married for 31 years, he is a father of 7, yes SEVEN!! He runs a successful Pest Control company and he is regaining the health that was beginning to suffer.

Murray’s ‘WHY’ is that as the years get on, he is having trouble finding the energy to keep up with his huge commitments to his family and business. Murray wants to be the best husband, father and business owner that he possibly can, and he recognises that he needs his health to do all these things well.

A positive attitude seems to come naturally to Murray. With a permanent smile, and a seemingly endless supply of Irish Beer T-Shirts, Murray attacks everything he does with positivity and is a pleasure to have in every session.

Murray has no shortage of challenges that if he chose to, he could use as excuses to limit himself. Work, family, injuries…but that’s not Murray. In the 10 weeks and 30-40 sessions Murray has done with The Shake UP, he has used no excuses. He challenges himself to keep up with the other members 30-40 years younger than him without a negative word.

Murray has not only taken on the physical challenge of The Shake UP, but he has also taken control of his nutrition and lifestyle habits by completing The Shake UP Keep It Real Challenge.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Murray

I’ve been married for  31 years, I have 7 children, and I run a little pest control company which keeps me busy – between the children and the company I have no other life really, but it’s a good life. I live in a nice spot in Burleigh Heads, and enjoy watching the kids grow older. I love Irish history. Sporting wise, I used to do a bit of surfing, but I don’t get time anymore – I’m trying to get into stand up paddle-boarding.

How long have you been with The Shake UP?

10 weeks.

What was it that brought you here?

I was always very fit in my lifetime and I was just starting to feel the combination of getting old (I’m nearly 60) and the culmination of that and lack of exercise, I started to feel a bit out of shape and just not happy with the size of my stomach. Then you came along to BNI and it was perfect timing.

Can you tell us something that you have achieved in your time at The Shake UP?

Learning to be more regimented as far as coming here in the mornings and evenings – also the food side of things. I normally wouldn’t eat until dinner time and that’s the way it’s been for years and then I stuff myself at dinner time and I’ve learnt from the 10 week challenge that that’s not what your body should be doing. Trying to find a way to consume something every 3-4 hours has been difficult because of what I do during the day it’s very hard to find that time – but an achievement for me is getting into that frame of mind – it’s been a good thing.

What is it that gets you through a workout?

Competitiveness. I try to look at the likes of Hayden and I forget I’m twice his age, I just think I’m the same size as him and I think “if he can do it, I can do it.” So that motivates me. And if I’m here to do it, there’s no point stuffing around, just do it. And I appreciate the feedback. Nic yelling out “Go on Murray.” I love the adrenaline in the last couple of rounds – as you said, there is a reserve and we can pull it out when we need to.

So what is it that you like about The Shake UP? What keeps you coming back?

You for one thing. You’ve got a tremendous way about you – it’s encouragement. You’re  really likeable guy and that’s got a lot to do with this. Lorcan has said that to me as well. If you were some army sergeant major we’d probably not look forward to coming. That’s got a lot to do with it.

How has The Shake Up impacted your every-day life?

Just on the weekend, I left my phone on the plane in the pocket in the seat in front and I didn’t realise until we were 10 minutes walk through the airport. I just turned around, gave my sister my luggage and said off I go and I literally ran the whole way at a pretty decent pace – a lot of people looking at me and I thought at the end of it oh wow, that’s amazing, I just did that and didn’t even have to think about it – I couldn’t have done that 7 weeks ago, so that’s an impact on me straight away. Also just generally feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

Which exercise is your least favourite?

Burpees. I don’t even have to think about that one!

We appreciate your energy, your positivity and your commitment to making change Murray. We are stoked to have you within The Shake UP Community and we are excited for your positive change to continue. You are an inspiration to the people around you and you should be proud of your achievements so far.

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3 Essential keys for life success

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