How many times have you over indulged and found yourself feeling slow, fat and tired?

That Christmas holiday…bucks weekend or an emotional week at work?

Usually this is preceded by a strong desire to ‘get life back on track, starting Monday, I’ll go back to weight watchers or commit to running every morning for the next month!

Does that sound familiar?

We have all been in this position and for many of us our lives are a perpetuating cycle of weight loss, blow out, weight gain, back on the wagon, weight loss… Although it seems pretty harmless and a proven method for getting into shape for your next big social occasion, there are some serious physiological and psychological effects of living this way.

There is a way to strip body fat and continue to enjoy your social life! 

The key resides in creating a metabolic environment within your body that will allow you to burn fat for fuel!

How do we do that…? It all begins with understanding how important your muscle tissue is and then doing everything you can to maintain this metabolic furnace that burns your body fat for fuel and drives your metabolism!

Your metabolism is simply the rate at which your body converts carbs, proteins and fats into usable fuel. Once you are able to get this bad boy firing, your body will be better equipped to handle the weekend blowouts from time to time and you can say goodbye to the Weight Watchers meetings forever!

3 Tips to kickstart your metabolism:


1. Build lean muscle!

The more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate will be and you will expend more calories through training. It’s a win -win, strip fat while working out and while you are sitting around watching TV!

2. Never Cut Calories!

When you eat less food, your body senses low energy availability and it triggers a series of events that result in some pretty crazy hormonal changes. These disruptive changes mean that your body becomes inefficient at burning calories and your resting metabolic rate drops, meaning that you are likely to store your calories as fat!

3. Eat for fat loss!

Eating small, protein rich meals regularly throughout your day will steady your hormone levels and keep protein metabolism shifted towards muscle anabolism and away from fat accumulation and protein breakdown – meaning more fat loss! Create delicious Tuna cakes, quinoa and beef salads, chilli con carne that you will want to eat for breakfast! Every time that you sit down to eat, look at your plate and ask yourself – where is the protein?

Lose 10kg in 10 weeks eating loads of delicious food!

Bruce Adams won our Spring 2016 Challenge, stripping 10kg of fat in 10 weeks applying these principles. 12 months on and Bruce continues to get leaner, stronger, faster and lives life full of energy. Find out how Bruce stripped 10kg in weeks here

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