Balancing busy business, family life and exercise

How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

No good huh? You’re not alone.

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year. Are you madly trying to get that New Year’s resolution done by December 31st? Or did you give up on yours long ago?

We all start the year with such enthusiasm and great intentions!! So what happens…?

Life gets in the way.

You’re too busy fitting in work, the kids, if you’re lucky, some time with your partner…and your awesome plans to ‘get fit’, ‘learn the guitar’ or ‘take up parkour’ get left behind – to maybe make an appearance in your New Year’s resolutions in another 5 years or so.

Unfortunately, a lot of these unfulfilled promises of change are fitness related.

Never again!

How do we make our goals a reality?

It begins with understanding. Understanding that our health and fitness is not a luxury. Understanding that our health and fitness needs to be our priority. Understanding that our kids would rather get to know their parents than have the newest car or the biggest house.

To experience all the joys of life, we must have our health. If you understand the importance of your health, you won’t struggle to find time for exercise, you will make time.

Our October Shaker of the Month, Andrew Whiting, has made his health and fitness a priority. He made this year about his and his family’s health, and he has made amazing change.

Andrew doesn’t see exercise as too time consuming– he understands it is giving him more time – more years with his beautiful family.

Andrew runs 2 successful, busy businesses, he has a wife, 2 children and a family history of obesity. The long, stressful days, juggling 50 staff, 2 businesses and trying to be a good husband and father were sending Andrew down the well-trodden path to obesity and heart disease. To his credit, Andrew made the decision to do something about it – and he found The Shake UP. Now Andrew is forging a new path –  one that leads to a long and healthy life. The gift to his wife and kids of having him around for many more years is priceless, but what he is taking away from his children is the most valuable. He is taking away their claim to ‘a family history of obesity’. He is giving them an example of health which has the potential to span generations. We have a responsibility to our children to not just tell them to be healthy, but to show them the importance of healthy living. We must lead by example.

Three 25 Minute High Intensity Training sessions each week to add years to your life and inspire your children…?

Worth it? No brainer.

Since joining The Shake UP, Andrew has lost 7kg, he has brought his blood pressure down from dangerously high levels to 120/80 (with meds) and is working on getting off the meds all together. I have watched Andrew progress from a less than successful first session, to kicking ass in every session, increasing his speed, strength and stamina, and he doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. His attitude is always spot on, and we are stoked to have him in The Shake UP Community.

To hear a little more about Andrew, check out the chat we had with Andrew below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Andrew

I’m 34 years old. I’m a father of 2 kids, I’ve been married for 12 years, and I own 2 busy businesses – The Sparrow Eating House at Nobby Beach and Elk Espresso in Broadbeach.

What brought you to The Shake UP?

I wasn’t happy with how I was, and my health was the last priority after my family, my marriage, the businesses, and everything else.

My family history is not very healthy and I needed to change that.

My dad’s side is obese, and I found out about some heart stuff. I had to take a month off to make sure I wasn’t pushing too much. Now my blood pressure is 120/80 with meds, and I’m aiming to get off the meds.

Is there something you are proud of achieving since you joined The Shake UP?

Definitely. For years I tried to drop weight by changing food, but had no effect surprisingly because it had in the past, so once I did about 5 months of The Shake UP I saw the difference, and felt the difference. Then I did 6 weeks of really clean eating and I dropped 7 kilos on the scales. That is good motivation to keep going.

As soon as I lost that weight it was so much easier to train – heaps easier.

I felt way stronger.

How long have you been with The Shake UP?

I joined about 9 months ago after not exercising for years. My wife and I decided that this year is all about our health. I noticed the difference The Shake Up made to Will Hancock, and decided to give it a go.

What is it that drives you to train?

I’m pretty competitive, and when I commit to something, I’m pretty dead set on it – like when I did that marathon, I’d never run, but just started training and did it. Once I put my mind to it…

To make those changes, you have to push yourself pretty hard during the workouts, what is it that gets you through a workout?

When I’m training I keep thinking about how I want to feel and look. Especially with having a family and that filter on your life, you want to be around for a long time and that comes down to your health.

So what is it that you like about The Shake UP? What keeps you coming back?

All I have to do is turn up. They are 25 minutes workouts, it’s 5 minutes from my house – it is the perfect solution for busy people. You get pushed to your limits and then you get on with your day.

Which exercise is your least favourite?

I did hate burpees, but since losing the weight they’re so much easier.

The Burpeelator Workout (or Burpee Accumulator) – that was hell! And shuttles, they exhaust me.

How has The Shake Up impacted your life away from training?

Massively. Getting this right makes me feel empowered to do what I do out of here – juggling 50 staff, 2 businesses, exercise gives me clarity. It’s kind of like a clogged drain pipe – exercise flushes it out so then you’re a lot clearer –  especially when you start the day with it, it just sets you up. I could be working till midnight tonight, but I’ll be fine because I trained this morning.


Congratulations Andrew, you deserve every success. Keep up the good work.

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Balancing busy business, family life and exercise

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