Bernie Rix – May Shaker of the Month

As trainers at the Shake UP, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude thinking about all of the good people that we see come and go in our training community. When you get a group of good people together who share an affinity for self improvement there is some kind of magnetic force that keeps pulling you back, no matter how many burpees are thrown at you!

Bernie Rix is one of these bloody great people and is our May Shaker of the Month.

So Bernie, Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well I am a single mum, 49 years old and only a few months off the BIG 50! I feel like I am in the best shape of my life right now and I am almost bloody 50! I have 2 kids, Hannah 19 and Jack 17 who are both great kids!

What else…I work for a Sourdough baking company called Sonoma Baking Co. I have played team sports all of my life like netball and more recently, outrigging with Outrigger Canoe Club of Australia. I am totally in love with outrigging! It’s such a high adrenaline sport because we are out in the open ocean and that really keeps things challenging.

I have always trained but i’d say this is probably the fittest I’ve ever been. Training at the Shake UP, doing high intensity interval training has had a way better response on my fitness and body shape than any other form of training that I have done.

Why do you train Bernie?

I guess it’s just really important to me. it reduces stress and just makes me feel great! I like to set an example for my kids too..

Jack my son is autistic and has speech and language difficulties.. Jack is probably my greatest source of inspiration. In order for Jack to go into social environments, or be around groups of people like at school, it takes all of his courage and strength. Watching Jack grow and develop through so much has given me the courage to take on anything. I just believe that if he can do his best in life, I should be able to follow his lead.

What do you love about the Shake UP?

I love that the sessions are short and sharp. 25 Minute sessions suit my schedule and I know that everytime I come down here i am going to have a few laughs, be inspired by everyone and get my ass kicked! What more could I ask for!

This is an environment filled with positive energy and it’s just great to be around!

You are currently on our Winter 10-Week Challenge, what are you hoping to achieve?

For me it’s about learning how to get the most out of my training. Like I said, I am fitter and training better now than I ever have and I know that nutrition is an are I can focus on to maximise recovery and just continue training hard! Again, if I can set a strong example around the house, my kids will hopefully take a bit of this on board!

Do you have a goal you are working towards?

I would love to compete in the Molokai Classic. It’s a outrigger canoe race from Molokai to Oahu. I will get there one day!

Bernie is an inspiration and the kind of person who we just love having around at the Shake UP! If you are struggling to find your training mojo this Winter,  be sure to check out our ‘4 Tips to keep you on track this Winter’ article!

For all of her hard work, Bernie has scored herself a treatment from the wonderful Alex Yates of Anchor Health Clinic in Palm Beach. Alex is considered a guru in our community. Give Alex a call on 0422 635 649.

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Bernie Rix – May Shaker of the Month

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