4 Tips to keep you on track this Winter

Do you struggle with motivation as the days get shorter and warm layers of clothing begin to cover your body shape?

You are not alone and this blog is all about showing you ways to help you stay on track this winter!

We would like to introduce you to an inspirational lady named Bernie Rix. The Shake UP maintains high member retention, year round because of legends like Bernie!

Today we are going to use Bernie as a case study that will empower you with 4  proven tips to keep you on track this Winter!

1. Find a training environment that you love:

You can gauge the feel of a training community by the volume and frequency of the laughter at any given session! Walk into a Palm Beach Shake UP session at 5.30am on a Monday morning and you will hear Bernie and Co. carrying on like a pack of monkeys, monkeying around in the dark.

2. Train with a group that inspire you to work harder:

It’s people like Bernie Rix that have created The Shake UP’s Gritty training culture. There is a considerable lift in intensity at a session when you get a handful of people like this in a session. Everyone feeds off of this energy and enthusiasm!

3. Keep your buddies accountable:

We all have those mornings where getting out of bed is a mission. If you have a crew of people waiting for you and expecting you to show up, you are way more likely to drag your bum out of bed. Bernie and so many of our members will finish a session in the evening, throw some high 5’s and banter around and say to one another…’Are you coming in the morning’? Accountability is king!

4. Train yourself towards a target event:

Bernie is a chick who loves a good challenge! She is a member of the Outrigger Canoe Club of Australia, who regularly compete in national races. As Bernie places a high value on racing with her outrigger crew, she has no problem finding the drive to train, ensuring that she continues to be a high performing member of the team.

Bernie has been training at the Shake UP for the past 18 months! She is on a mission to compete in the Maliki classic and we have no doubt that she will reach her goal!

Be sure to check out our May Shaker of the Month Article to find out more about Bernies success story.

How do you want to look, feel and function? If you have a goal to reach and would like to train with a crew who are supportive and aren’t afraid of gnarly workout,  why not take advantage of our 7 day Free trial!

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4 Tips to keep you on track this Winter

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