Discipline and Intense training

How do you turn your training regime into a discipline that takes top priority in your world?

The Shake UP is an outdoor group training community and we have hard working members who have been training with us since we began back in 2013.

Once you understand the positive impact that training has on all areas of your life, it becomes addictive. The tough reality though is that we all need to transcend the greulling adaptation phase of training. That period where we have our own ass handed to us on a regular basis and feel pretty defeated. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though and once you get there, finding the motivation to kick your own ass becomes much easier!

Leonie Van Houten is an ‘Original Shaker’ and our May Shaker of the Month.

What we love about Leonie is that she has put down the hard yards to get herself where she is today. She is a hard working mother of 3 who trains with serious intensity,week in week out. The discipline of regular training was built into Leonie’s world and now she knows that the days are just smoother once you get your daily workout done and dusted!

So Leonie, tell us a bit about yourself….

Ok. I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls – Kaitlyn 11, Zoe 9 and Emily 7. My husband, Corey and I have been married for 13 years. I am a nurse and work in the operating theatre at Gold Coast University Hospital. It’s a great job that’s always very different and always pretty exciting.

Life is pretty busy in our world as Corey and I both work and the kids are involved in lots of different sporting activities. We are a pretty active family and It’s a bit of a juggling act at times but we manage.

Why do you train Leonie?

I feel like I need to do something physical and active everyday. It’s kind of a release I guess. When life gets busy, it’s important to be able to turn off for a time. I love that I can come here and exert myself without having to think about what I am going to do. 

We are pretty active as a family, plenty of sport, always running around, life is pretty busy.

It’s a juggling act but I know that if I don’t get a workout in every day, I feel worse for having missed it

On top of that,  I think that it’s important that I set a positive example for my girls.

What do you think about when training?

I like to break it down into little, manageable, micro goals I guess. Sometimes when the going’s tough, thinking about the entire workout can make it seem overwhelming. I try to stay focused on the immediate round and just get through that!

I think if I knew what I was going to do for the workout, before I came here, I probably wouldn’t come! That’s what so good about coming down here.

What do you love about TSU?

I love that it’s always very different. I love that it’s only 30 mins. The community here is awesome too, it’s like a social outlet for a lot of people which is cool. You always get a great workout here. I have been training here since 2013 and I continue to be pushed and challenged in ways that I could never inflict on myself!

How long have you been training here?

Right from the start! An original Shaker! I did have a break for a while, I thought I’d take some time off and train myself but what I found was that I really like just being told what to do when it comes to training. I hate having to think about what I’m going to do. I just want to come down, get it done and get out!

What’s toughest for you ?

It’s probably wall balls and the strength base stuff. This is the kind of training that I typically wouldn’t push myself with and when I train here, I am always being kindly encouraged to go heavier.

Leonie’s attitude and commitment to herself is remarkable. People like her make this a pleasure and we are stoked that she continues to Shake on! For all of her hard work, Leonie has scored herself a Food Club Australia pack loaded with delicious, healthy meals. Food Club are a local company doing some pretty awesome things. Their meals and snacks are fresh, affordable and loaded with nutrition. Perfect replacement for junk bought on your lunch break! For more info visit https://www.foodclubaustralia.com/ or give the crew a shout on 0424043663

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Discipline and Intense training

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