Fat Loss 101: 3 Things you MUST do!

There is so much information at our disposal these days, how do you know what is your best path to a summer body in 10 weeks?

Bruce Adams stripped 10kg of fat and 10 cm off his waist line in 10 weeks during the Shake UP Spring – 10 Week Challenge – 2016

“I have the confidence to go shirts off at the beach now that there is no muffin top hanging over my board shorts…I never imagined I could strip 10kg in 10 weeks and eat so much delicious food!’

In this blog we would like to share with you 3 super important tips that have helped so many people achieve lasting fat loss.

Let’s take a look at what Bruce recently did to lose the muffin top!


Carbohydrates are an essential part of life and if you are training for fat loss, you need to get smart about your carbohydrate choices so you can build lean muscle and recover from every workout!

Instead of spending your life avoiding carbs, we are far better off focusing on eating the right carbohydrates at the right time!

The high energy carbohydrates such as pasta, oats, rice etc, are best consumed around your intense training, ensuring that performance is at its peak and that you are recovering from those gruelling Shake UP workouts!

The rest of the time, outside of your training hours,you should be consuming low energy carbohydrates found in all those colourful veggies, fruits and pulses.

In our Spring 10 Week Challenge, Bruce followed this prescription to the letter and found that he was recovering fast and stripping fat!


What are nature’s wonder foods? Veggies baby!

If you are looking to shed stubborn fat, you need to understand that a high intake of veggies, every day will keep your muscles in an anabolic state and set your metabolism into ‘fat burning zone’!

Veggies provide bulk to your diet, plenty of nutrition and they contribute very few calories!

Eating more of these wonder foods gives us the feeling of fullness from eating less food and they help keep blood sugar and insulin levels super steady so that there are no energy slumps and fat metabolism remains high!

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In Bruce’s Challenge food diary, its very easy to see that veggies were a massive part of his eating plan and for that reason he is looking Hasselhoff hot this summer!


Alcohol consumption is a big part of the Aussie culture but if you are looking to lean up and go shirts off this summer, you need to understand the effect boozing has on your transformation efforts!

Alcohol decreases our body’s ability to metabolise fats and carbohydrates, it increases inflammation and impairs your body’s ability to repair and build new muscle.

Kicking the booze for 10 weeks may seem tough for some of us who love the odd schooner or two but we can assure you that if you surround yourself with people who are also doing this it becomes so much easier!

Bruce and his wife Sally are both nurses who work massive hours and enjoy a social drink. These two legends made the decision to go booze free for 10 weeks, they surrounded themselves with 25 other people doing the same thing and they still enjoy their social drinks with friends from time to time but the difference is now they do it looking smoking hot in their new bodies!

We use Bruce Adams success story as a genuine reminder that it is possible to eat lots of delicious food, train a handful of hours a week and strip 10 kg of stubborn fat in 10 weeks!

These are 3 pretty simple steps that will help you achieve lasting fat loss.

If you want to remove yo-yo dieting and calorie counting from your world forever, The Shake UP – Summer – 10 Week Challenge will provide the tools, accountability and support to make it happen!

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Take the challenge & never diet again!

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Fat Loss 101: 3 Things you MUST do!

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