The Shake UP is an outdoor training program, filled with very inspiring people who are achieving extraordinary things!

Our members are busy professional, parents, tradies & business owners who enjoy a training environment that is ego free, encouraging and only 25 minutes of their day!

Can you eat loads of delicious food, train a handful of hours a week and get great results?

Rick Jones is our Winter 10 Week Challenge winner and is a very fine example of what can be achieved with the right attitude!

Between June and August this year, Rick stripped 15kgs of fat off his frame, 15cm off of his waistline and looks 10 years younger!

We recently caught up with Rick to find how he achieved these remarkable results this winter:


An amazing transformation in 10 weeks!

Can you tell us a little about yourself Rick?

Yep…I am 37 years old. I am a state sales manager for Evolt selling emergency lighting.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Bronwyn for 13 years. We have 2 kids, Lewis (12) and Bailey (10). The boys love sport which is great. Keeping up with them is my drive!

You recently won our 10 week transformation challenge, can you tell us what you achieved?

Ok, I went from 117kg down to 103kg. Its in my clothes that I notice the positive changes most. I am in a size 36 pants which I can’t ever remember being in!

The physical changes are great but honestly the greatest part is the fitness and improved movement! One of my proudest achievements in these past 10 weeks was completing the 4km run around Oxenford lake. I did this with my son running by my side and we did it in 21.57 seconds. There is no way I would have dreamed of achieving this 10 weeks ago! As I mentioned before, being able to keep up with my kids is a priority for me so I am pretty stoked with where I am at right now!

What was the turning point for you? What was the catalyst for your transformation?

At Christmas (2015) I was 130kg. My life has always been pretty active and I guess since having a family things went off track. I love 4 wheel driving, and a big part of this is running ropes up hills when you get bogged. I was finding it really tough and was constantly out of breath. I couldn’t keep up with the kids so I knew something needed to change!

I joined The Shake UP in May this year and after a month of training I knew that I needed to address my eating habits if I was going to make this happen. The Challenge began in June which was perfect timing for me! I committed myself and will never go back!

Can you give anyone reading this article an idea of what you did to lose 14kg?

Yeah I think what worked really well for me was learning the Macro nutrients (fats,proteins,carbs) and then making sure each were present every time I ate.

At first I found it challenging since the program is very flexible. I was expecting a meal plan but instead we were educated on nutrient timing and learned to understand foods for what they are. From there it was up to us to construct our days and weeks eating around these principles.

I guess the reason I did so well was that I hit the 90% compliance that was expected and as soon as I started to see changes, my motivation just kept building! I am still following these eating guidelines. This 10 weeks was always about eating real food in healthy amounts. For this reason I am very confident that my family and I will continue to follow this lifestyle. I still have a  long way to go before I am where I want to be! My wife Bron has lost 4kgs, just through adjusting her eating and I am very proud of her. I love that we are changing as a family because it’s so much easier to do this together!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about getting involved in our Challenge program?

Just do it! The winter Challenge began in June and 3 days before, I was still  umming and ahhing about signing up. Looking back from where I sit today,  I am just so thankful that I made the decision to commit!

This has changed my life in so many ways. So thank you!

Thank you Rick! It is an absolute pleasure to share the journey with people like you who do what it takes to achieve their dreams! A very deserved winner of our Winter Challenge 2016 and for all of your hard work you have scored yourself a Punish Natural Nutrition Prize pack loaded with high quality supplements to help you continue your success story. A natural Whey Protein Isolate is an essential part of a lasting transformation and word on the street is that Rick is a massive fan of the Punish Vanilla WPI. We will make sure that this is in your prize pack Rick. Shake on Legend!

Our Spring Challenge 2016 kicks off on  Saturday 1st October. 10 weeks that will change your life forever and get you in the best shape of your life for the summer beach season!