How to get fit, lose weight and have fun in 10 weeks

The Shake UP is a 25 minute outdoor group training program that works!

Christine Bacon is our Palm Beach Shaker of the month and is a wonderful reminder that we can achieve anything we desire with focus and commitment!

10 weeks ago Christine courageously registered herself for the Shake UP 10 week Challenge. She knew that she needed to be held accountable and understood that addressing her eating habits would make the Shake UP training sessions so much more rewarding.

Today Christine is 6kgs lighter, 30cm leaner and is loving training more than ever.

We recently caught up with this inspiring woman to find out how the past 10 weeks has changed her life:

Tell us a little bit about yourself Christine?

I am 54 years old, married with 3 adult children, 33, 30 and 28 and  I have a daughter in law and a 2 year old grandson.

I work at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School in administration in the middle school office which is a very busy place to work, with 2500 students, the pace is pretty quick as you can  imagine.

An inspiring 10 week transformation

Life is great and I am loving being a grandparent. It’s totally different being a grandparent compared to being a parent. Seeing his face light up and smile when we see him makes my day!

How long have you been training at the Shake UP?

11 weeks now. I trained once or twice last year. When I saw that the winter challenge was beginning I knew it was time for me to make the commitment.

Can you please tell us about your Challenge experience?

It was awesome! I loved the accountability side of the program. I actually enjoyed recording my eating and am continuing to do so now (2 weeks out of the challenge) just because I know that when I record my eating, I am more conscious of my eating habits and less likely to eat junk. I loved having a buddy to hold me accountable. Someone to keep an eye on me and for me to keep an eye on. I am really happy with the weight I have lost and the level of fitness that i have achieved. It’s great to enjoy getting dressed and fitting comfortably into my clothes now that I am 6kgs lighter and much leaner. This challenge for me was the perfect starting point in claiming back the body and fitness that I knew I deserved. Now that I am feeling more confident and less bloated I am looking forward to keeping myself this way!

What do you love about the Shake UP?

I love that it’s so quick! It really is over before you know it and it works! The sessions are always tough so you know that it’s working. It’s a great bunch of people too which makes it easier to get to.

What gets you through a tough session Chris?

I just tell myself that ‘I can do this!’ You know when the doubt starts to creep into your head, so for me I like to kind of observe this and then remind myself that I can do this. It just feels so good when you walk away from a session having completed it and gone beyond that comfort zone.

What’s the worst exercise for you at the Shake UP?

Burpees for sure. No doubt about it!

This is what it’s all about! Enjoying getting results! Thank you for bringing such a positive attitude to our community Christine! Christine has scored herself a remedial massage from Peter Griffin from Palm Beach Chiropractic. Peter is the best in business and has been helping so many of our members stay mobile. Anyone training 3 to 4 times a week, needs to be thinking about the body maintenance side of things. We strongly suggest paying Pete a visit to help keep you in the game longer! Thanks for the continued support Peter.

This will change your life and have you lean and mean in time for summer!

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How to get fit, lose weight and have fun in 10 weeks

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