How many times have you seen yourself in a photo and thought, wow…Do I really look that bad?

When this happens you really only have 2 options!

Option 1: You can tune in to a cascade of negative emotions and thought processes that will ruin your day and keep you in your rut.

Option 2: You can take a long, hard look at that photo, observe all the hurtful internal dialog racing around your head and use it as your greatest driving force to claim your body back!

Sharyn Watson chose option 2! 10 weeks ago, this hard-working mum saw a disappointing image of herself that became the catalyst for one of the greatest lifestyle transformations that we have ever seen!

8kg lighter and wearing dresses that she hasn’t felt comfortable wearing in years!

What we love most about Shaz’s journey though is that she was willing to take a brief hiatus from the party girl she was known as so that she could get her body back.

We recently caught up with Shaz to find out how she did it!

So Shaz, Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a 47-year-old mum of 3. My husband Bernie and I run Watmar Electrical and Air. Life is great and generally pretty busy!

How long have you been training here for?

Probs about 5 months now I guess…

I began before the Winter Challenge and had no intention of doing it because in my opinion, Challenges were kind of for ‘idiots’…ha. After spending the initial 3 weeks training at the Shake UP and hearing everyone talk about the bloody Challenge and how good it was, I really had to give it a go.

Why did you do the Winter Challenge?

I was tired of looking at myself in photos and thinking how bloated I looked. It was making me unhappy so I decided to do something about it!

I can confidently say that after having completed the challenge, I am way more excited about looking at myself in photos! I am proud of that.

I started the challenge because I just knew that something had to give!

I injured my tailbone in a skiing accident, when I was a kid and I have always had back issues surrounding that area. After coming home from a family trip to America last year, I was in loads of pain. I tried and I knew that if I lost a little weight and got myself healthy, I would be in way less pain.

I have been thin plenty of times before in my life. I achieved that through lotions & potions, over training, partying etc… I have never earnt it! I used to cycle a lot, easily knocking out 500km/week on the bike and even during that period of my life, I never felt like this and looked   as lean as I am now!

I enjoy seeing myself in photos now because I can see a different person, physically and psychologically and that makes me so happy!

Was adjusting your lifestyle difficult?

I have always loved to party and I really enjoy drinking! When I began this challenge, I committed myself to going booze free for the 10 weeks.

All my friends and I have so many great experiences around socialising. Beginning this challenge, I hoped that I could in some way have a positive influence on the people I love instead of a somewhat negative influence, through encouraging people to party on! Ha..Kind of use my power of influence for good and not so much evil, if that makes sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always love partying, I just felt like it was my time to get the balance back in my life!

What have you achieved since you began?

 Physically, I am down 8kg and 10cm leaner around my waist which is great.

Psychologically though, I really have this belief now that my body is working again! I feel lean and strong but most importantly I know that I can still enjoy a few drinks and eat out without my body bloating out on me! I feel like my metabolism is firing again and I love that!

I am proud of switching some not so positive habits with habits that are more in line with who I want to be. Before the Challenge I was pretty accustomed to coming home, grabbing a bottle of wine and eating shit food. I knew this wasn’t cool but I couldn’t really see the point in changing things. I committed to the challenge, set myself some targets and went after it! The 1st couple of weeks of the challenge were tough! Breaking these old habits was challenging but coming through the other side has changed my life forever!

 Spring 10-Week Challenge begins on Saturday 23rd September.

What do you love about the Shake UP?

 Everything! I love the culture that you guys have created! It’s all about encouragement and support. I have made so many great friends since being involved and I love that.

I am very lucky to now have my sons and husband train alongside me and that just makes me so proud!

What’s next Shaz?

I want abs! I had my 1st son when I was 20 and ever since then I have had a belly. I am loving fitting back into my dresses and I believe that I can get abs! I am doing the Spring Challenge and am excited for these next 10 weeks coming into Christmas!

We have so much respect and gratitude for what this amazing girl has achieved! She has a small army of family and friends who have followed her journey and now enjoy training alongside her. The power of positive influence is a crazy thing and this chick has plenty of it. For all of her hard work, our August Shaker of the Month has scored herself a treatment with the wonderful Alex Yates from Anchor Health Clinic in Palm Beach. So many of our members rave about the results they are enjoying from Alex’s treatment so we highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to feel and function better! Give her a call on 0422 635 649