How visualisation can get you your dream body!

We all spend time wondering what life would be like if our dreams came true.

At The Shake UP we are very fortunate to be able to help people achieve their dreams. All of the greatest lifestyle transformation stories that we have witnessed, began with a very vivid visualisation routine!

How good life would be if we could get the dream job, body, partner…

We often day dream away only to be pulled back into our current reality, thinking that the ‘Dream Body’ is improbable.

Achieving extraordinary things is hard work! It takes grit, determination and self awareness! Most importantly though,these dreams need to be visualised!


How visualisation can get you your dream body!

Visualisation is kind of a super power! Being able to visualise a desired outcome will provide massive amounts of motivation, focus and confidence.

Peak performance guru – Jack Canfield suggests that visualisation will deliver these 4 things:

1.) Activates your creative subconscious which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goal.

2.) It programs your brain to more readily perceive and recognize the resources you will need to achieve your dreams.

3.) It activates the law of attraction, thereby drawing into your life the people, resources, and circumstances you will need to achieve your goals.

4.) It builds your internal motivation to take the necessary actions to achieve your dreams.

How to get Visualising!

A Visualisation practice is pretty simple really. It’s all about making time it.

Mornings, upon waking and evenings before going to bed are the best times. Find a quiet place, get comfortable and close your eyes.

Begin to imagine the highest possible outcome that you would like to be living 6 to 12 months from now. Get in touch with your vision. Where will you be? What are you wearing? Who is with you? What is your ultimate reality?

Try not to get hung up on limitations or negativity; instead, just allow yourself to get carried away with your wildest aspirations.

Remember: Your vision is the big picture of your desired outcomes. It’s an internal representation of what is most important to you; it’s exciting, inspiring, compelling, and filled with positive emotions

Bee Hautop recently claimed our Shaker fo the month award. Bee has a super clear vision of herself at her brother’s wedding in April 2018. Bee has already stripped 15kg and in her visualisation routine, she is down another 15kg and is radiating joy and confidence. Check out Bee’s Story here.

If you want some help with step 3 – ‘Activating the Law of Attraction’, The Shake UP is filled with positive people, achieving their dreams.

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2,000 years ago, Aristotle described the process this way:

“First, have a definite, clear, practical ideal; a goal, an objective.

Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends: wisdom, money, materials, and methods.

Third, adjust all your means to that end.”

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How visualisation can get you your dream body!

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