In the past 5 months, Briony ‘Bee’ Hautop has stripped 15kg and discovered the kind of confidence that best reflects her spirit!

When Bee joined The Shake UP the mere thought of intense group training made her blood run cold! Now she is hooked! Bee learned that this is all about so much more than just exercising. It’s about inspiring people and being inspired. It’s about sharing a tough experience with good people. Most of all though, it’s about feeling good as you become your best!

We are lucky because we get to share Bee’s journey as she charges towards her best!

Our training community is lucky because people like Bee make The Shake UP so contagious. Friendly smiles, high fives and laughter that makes the ungodly hour of the morning somewhat bearable.

Bee has a clear vision of who she is becoming and we have no doubt that this beautiful soul will take it all the way!

We recently caught up with Bee to chat about achieving her goals:

Tell us a bit about yourself Bee?

I am 34 years old. What else….? I don’t really have that many hobbies right now apart from The Shake UP! I work loads and like to spend time with family and friends.

I have been living on the Gold Coast for about 6 months. My brother Todd has been on the Coast for a while now and he has always been hassling me to come up here and I promised him that if I ever came to the Gold Coast that I would join The Shake UP!

Tell us about your Challenge experience?

The Winter Challenge started a couple of weeks after I began here at The Shake UP. My dad kind of ‘Challenged’ me to do it and I thought that was a great opportunity to get my shit together and make a go of it!

I lost 15kg in the Winter Challenge but more importantly, I gained a lot of confidence! It showed me that I could do things that I had been avoiding and really gave me a better understanding of my self worth.

There are so many things that I want to do and I don’t want to be limited by my weight.

I am currently 3 weeks into the Spring Challenge and I am pumped!

Can you tell us what you are going after this time?

I am going to lose another 15 kg in the next 8 weeks! I am going to be able to do a ‘real burpee’ and full push ups on my toes! I also have a goal to be able to run 5kms!

What is it about The Shake UP that has you achieving your goals?

Its definitely the people! The support that you get from this community is like nothing I have ever seen! I have never really been into the whole High intensity thing but I am loving that feeling I get when I finish a tough workout with a great bunch of people! It’s so rewarding and its kind of like a great social outlet at the same time.

I have always known that i needed to take control of my health and fitness and having Todd introduce me to The Shake UP was just what I needed!

What do you think about during a tough session?

I am definitely a counter! The numbers give me something to focus on and I just keep telling myself that it’s only 25 minutes. I always have a clear image of who I am becoming too, that helps me get through the tough times.

 Tell us about that ‘Clear Image’?

This is something that I have always wanted and I know I can achieve it! I have my Brothers wedding in April 2018 and I often use that as a focus point. I like to visualise myself at Todd and Tenelle’s wedding. All of my family and friends will be there and I can see myself looking good, feeling confident with a giant smile on my face! To have my appearance reflecting how I am feeling on the inside. That’s my goal!

What is the toughest thing we do here?

Definitely that 15 second sprint session. That one made me want to vomit and cry at the same time! 

A True Legend who is chasing her dreams and inspiring so many others to do the same! For all of her hard work, Bee has scored herself a massage with Alex Yates of Anchor Health Clinic in Palm Beach. Alex is a massage therapist, beauty therapist and Reiki healer and an awesome Acupuncturist! Get in touch with Alex on 0422 635 649