Jackie Darke, Shaker of the Month, December ’15

The Shake UP is not just about fitness. It’s about providing an environment where people can improve all aspects of their lives, by surrounding themselves with positivity and pushing themselves to new heights physically, mentally and emotionally.

Jackie Dark is our December Shaker of the Month. Although Jack is one of the toughest members we have physically, we have chosen Jackie as our Shaker of the Month based on her strength in all aspects of her life. Jackie spends her days caring for other peoples kids in her career in childcare – any parent knows how hard it is with 1, imagine a room full! All day! Every day!

High five to all childcare workers ; )

Outside of work, Jackie still manages to be a great mother to her 3 kids – encouraging them in all their sporting endeavours. Most sessions start with Jackie proudly explaining her kids’ latest achievements, or planning the next Adventure Race she will be doing with her Hubby, Rich and the kids.

Fitness is a big part of Jackie’s life and her enthusiasm is contagious. Planting the seed for the next generation of fitness fanatics! Love it!

With all this going on in her life, Jackie somehow still always finds the time to get to at least 3-4 Shake UP sessions each week! And anyone who has trained along side Jackie knows that she doesn’t ‘just turn up’ – she gives every session 100%! The intensity and energy that Jackie brings to every session lifts the mood of the group, and helps everyone to challenge themselves that little bit more.

Congratulations on your very well-deserved Shaker of the Month Jackie. Your hard work, energy and enthusiasm doesn’t go unnoticed.

Shake on legend!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself Jackie.

I work in Childcare, I have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy, and I’ve been married for 15 years. I’ve been involved in fitness ever since I can remember. I met my husband, Rich at School, he’s a bit of a fitness fanatic as well. Our kids compete at State and Regionals in Athletics – we’re a pretty fitness oriented family.

How long have you been with The Shake UP?

Since the start!! I was in when you were handing out flyers for the Opening of Robina. Sign me up!!

So what drives you to train?

 It’s just always been in my mindset. I just want to get better and better. If I’m not being challenged, I need to change something. Also, after having kids, I let myself go a little…actually a little-lot! I just got bigger and bigger. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t seeing results. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I trained, nothing was working. And now it’s finally working!! Finally everything is getting back to normal. My whole body shape has changed within a month. I’ve dropped 5 kg of fat, and I’m gaining muscle.My clothes are fitting and I can notice my muscle tone improving. I feel as fit as I have felt in quite a while.

That’s awesome Jackie, well done!

 To make those changes, you have to push yourself pretty hard during the workouts, what is it that gets you through a workout?

 I’m pretty focussed on my goals. When it’s hard, and I’m hurting, I just tell myself “you’ve only got 5 more!” I just push through and I get pissed off with myself if I don’t achieve what I set out to do. I don’t like giving up on things.

What keeps you coming back to The Shake UP?

 The variety. I want to be surprised every morning. Because I work out a lot, I need the variety to keep it interesting.  I ‘ve found at other group fitness classes, although there are different workouts, they’re based on the same principles. It didn’t matter how much I did, nothing was happening…

I don’t find that here. One day we will do a Tabata workout, the next day might be sprints, and then a strength endurance session. I get nervous before every session – I feel like I’m in a race!

That’s great to hear Jackie. We’re glad that you are ‘enjoying’ what we do here at The Shake UP.

Can you tell us which exercise is your least favourite?

Thrusters! I’m a little bit weird – I like burpees and bear crawls, but I just find thrusters so challenging.

 Thrusters in every workout from now on then?!?!

Congratulations and thanks again for your constant energy and enthusiasm.

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Jackie Darke, Shaker of the Month, December ’15

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