The one thing you must have for lasting change

At the Shake UP we are very privileged to witness constant displays of epic human spirit!

People exceeding all kinds of physical and mental boundaries that lift the entire community.

There is no doubt about it, if you are looking for positive change in your life there is one thing that you must have:

Positive and Inspiring people around you!

Whenever we ask our Shake UP members what it is they love about the Shake UP, the response is almost always, the people…Everyone is just so friendly and positive.

It is easy to create a culture of positivity when you have so many positive people coming together on a regular basis.

Take Mike Walker for example. Mike is one of the most positive people we know and is the essence of the Shake UP culture. The kind of guy who takes it upon himself to support the new crew through the tough start up phase. At any given session you will find Mike peeling himself up off the ground in order to cheer home the rest of the crew.

2 years ago Mike came through a time that he refers to as a ‘living nightmare’! Mike was battling cancer and was undergoing heavy radiation and  chemotherapy treatments.

In September 2015 Mike shared his story with us in his Shaker of the month article.

What we love most about Mike’s Journey is that since beating cancer he has fulfilled every promise that he made to himself and now he enjoys inspiring those around him to reach their best!

We recently caught up with Mike to chat about life after the Big C, as he affectionately refers to cancer:

How have the past 12 months been Mike?

Great mate. It’s been a very steady progression back to full strength. I’d have to say that right now I am the fittest I have ever been. Pre-cancer I never really valued my health and fitness that highly but since then I have a belief that I need to be fit and strong both mentally and physically to make sure it doesn’t come back. It’s about a 5 year period before you can get the all clear.

Has your motivation to train changed?

Yeah I guess it has slightly. I know that when the cancer hit I couldn’t have survived if I didn’t have the strength and fitness that I’d built up. My family are everything to me and if I am going to continue being a role model to my kids I need to stay in the best shape possible.

It’s very clear to me these days that all this is such a mental thing. We are all way stronger than we think and through overcoming challenges in life or challenges at training you become a better person!

Do you realise how much you are influencing those around you?

Umm… I don’t really think about it too much. I think we all motivate each other and that’s the beauty of the Shake UP, there is always that support, there are always people to look up to.

I remember when I began here it was pretty daunting really. I used to be shit scared coming here! I am always happy to throw some encouragement around because it definitely helped me in those early stages.

I love to support my wife Zoe on her journey. Since doing the challenge she has transformed her life and I love to share that with her.

Does anything scare you these days Mike?

Umm.. I guess my greatest fear is getting sick again, having the cancer return. This is also my biggest motivation really. I need to be strong so that I can continue to be there for my family. The thought of leaving them behind is enough to keep me building strength and chasing my best.

What is the Shake UP to you Mike?

What i love about the Shake UP is that it’s a really positive environment! This place has done so much for Zoe and myself. It has been a long road to get to where I am today but I still love it. I love the tough Monday sessions as they always kick my ass.

In the Shake UP’s existence there has never been a Shaker crowned Shaker of the Month twice. Until now that is! We believe that Mike’s spirit and the example that his is setting for all of us to follow warrants another shout out!

For all of his hard work, Mike has scored himself a remedial massage with the best in the business, Peter Griffin of Palm Beach Chiropractic. A huge thankyou to Pete for his continued support to the Shake UP. Pete is a myotherapy/remedial massage therapist and graduate in Sports and Exercise Science. This guy knows how to help people move better so we strongly suggest booking a session with him! Pete can be found at 1/28 Palm Beach Avenue

Palm Beach, Queensland 4221

Phone: (07) 5534 5005

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The one thing you must have for lasting change

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