Getting out of your comfort zone

The human experience is an odd thing sometimes!

We are all so capable of achieving remarkable things and making our mark on the world.

Why do so many of us get sidetracked and find ourselves feeling pretty crappy and just put up with it?

Self sabotaging behaviors

One of the greatest factors that hold many of us back is self sabotage. We eat foods that we know are unhealthy, we talk ourselves out of exercising and we allow ourselves to slide into a state of discontent and disfunction

Why do we do this?

As crazy as this may sound…It’s comfortable for us, it’s familiar so we accept the constant fatigue, we avoid looking at ourselves naked and we move through life uninspired.

No matter who you are or how confident you appear to be, we all experience fear the same way. Leaving your comfort zone involves a whole heap of craziness, fear, doubt and second guessing. As soon as you begin moving towards your purpose, all ‘Hell breaks loose’!

How do we move out of our comfort zones?

Take massive action! Your entire body will rebel against this but that’s ok! The key is to just take a leap of faith, step outside of what’s familiar and worry about all of those feelings, urges and emotions later. The truth is that if you place too much attention on those feelings and wait for the ‘perfect time’ to start…You will probably never start!

Do you need to get out of your comfort zone?

The Shake UP – 7 Day Free Trial is the best place to start!

Want some more inspiration?

Luke Doherty jumped out of his comfort zone 8 months ago and has never looked back. 15kg lighter and a new lease on life! Check out Luke’s story here

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Getting out of your comfort zone

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