Shaker of the Month – Em Crooks

The Shake UP is an outdoor group training program on a mission to bring great people together and provide a training environment that is challenging, ego free and always filled with positive energy!We are super fortunate because our members are helping us create this vision through the spirit in which they bring to the community. 

Our January Shaker of the Month always brings a positive attitude and a sense of support that never goes unnoticed!

As a psychologist, Em Crooks has spent her life helping people. The spirit that Em brings to our community is simply who she is, selfless and super considerate!

At any given session you’ll find Em chatting away, welcoming new members and doing her part to create positive energy. Em is one of those people who listen with the intent to understand and this is what makes her awesome!

This inspiring woman fought her way back to body confidence from being 103kg and now has herself best shape of her adult life! We recently caught up with Em to chat about how she did it:

So Em, Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok…. I am married and have two sons – 21 and 19 year old boys. My family and I moved here from the UK about 7 years ago. We spent 5 years up in Darwin and have been on the Gold Coast for 2 years now and we’re loving it!

I am a Psychologist. It’s a job that I love!  My current role is Counselling and running programs for a not for profit. We work with family’s  rebuilding relationships, we help kids dealing with separation from parents, people experiencing relationship difficulty and a lot of work in the  domestic violence area.

The work we do is very rewarding and has its challenges! It’s nice to think that you have helped someone’s life and given them belief.. I have worked with kids  for 15 years and have helped some very damaged souls along the way which is something that is very close to my heart.

How long have you been training at The Shake UP?

I have been training her for about 18 months now I guess.

I began my fitness journey a couple of years ago.That was when I was living up in the top end and I was weighing 103 kg!

At the time I was suffering from what’s called DCIS, this is the stage before invasive breast cancer. I made the decision to have a double mastectomy and I can confidently say that being fit and mentally strong is what got me through this challenging experience. I was back training after 3 weeks!

What do you love about The Shake UP?

I love the family! This place has a really family feel to it and thats means a lot to me.

Everybody gets on, everybody’s here to support one another and I really appreciate the opportunity to connect. I have trained with trainers in the past who do it for the wrong reasons. The trainers here at The Shake UP have this genuine care and interest in seeing people achieve their goals. That’s why people love coming here!

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Why do you train Em?

It’s now an obsession. The job I do is pretty intense and I guess this is my coping mechanism. I love competing with myself and I love to keep up with my 2 boys. Setting a strong example to them is a priority for me.

Tell us about your Challenge Experience Em?

I love that environment and I love seeing people achieving their dreams! I have done 2 challenges now and have felt so connected those environments.

I love that it keeps me accountable to the goals that i want to achieve.

I just have so much more energy these days and I can contribute that to my eating.

Since the 1st challenge i have lost 10kg and am just feeling great in my body!

What’s the toughest thing for you?

Beep test, spriting all those tough running sessions. They always kill me!

For all her hard work, Em has score herself a treatment with Alex Yates of Anchor health clinic. Alex is a woman’s wellbeing master and we can’t recommend her services enough!

To get in touch with Alex, give her a call on

0422 635 649

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Shaker of the Month – Em Crooks

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