Shaker of the Month – Erin Cserpak

High intensity training is the kind of thing that we love to hate! It is super uncomfortable, but it has an uncanny knack of making us feel awesome!

A tough workout will always clear the head and restore perspective at the end of a challenging day.

Erin Cserpak is our Shaker of the month and this is one very inspiring chick! When the going gets tough in life, Erin likes to run! She puts on her training gear, grabs a $2.00 coin and runs as far as she possibly can! This may seem absurd to many people but to Ezzy, this makes perfect sense! Ezzy runs because of that euphoric feeling where the mind is suddenly significantly clearer and all of life’s worries and anxieties kind of subside. A state where you are aware of what’s going on around you, but you are so present, so focused and in the moment!

If you are still trying to figure out what the $2.00 coin is for, it’s so that Erin can jump on a payphone and call her husband to come, pick her up – 20km away!

We recently caught up with Ezzy to find out more about her journey:

So Ezzy, Tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I have 2 kids named Ivy 3 and Shyla 10. I have been married to my husband Zoltan for 5 years now. I am a full-time mum now and life is good! Umm…what else? I love training and I love to run. Running is one of those things that helps keep me sane! Often when the going gets tough, I like to throw my shoes on, grab a couple of bucks for a phone call and just run as far as I can. Sometimes I end up at Burleigh, sometimes further, depending on the rhythm I get myself into. When I have had enough and i have hit that euphoric feeling, I’ll call my husband on a payphone and he’ll come and pick me up!

How long have you been training at The Shake UP?

1 Year now, I would always drive past the school and see everyone training. At that time, I was only running, and I felt like it wasn’t challenging me enough. I knew that I needed to be pushed out of my comfort zone, pushed in a new, challenging way. The Shake UP has certainly done that!

What do you love about TSU?

I love it here, I couldn’t imagine life without this environment the people are great, the trainers are awesome, and everyone is always very welcome. That is the coolest part I think. I love that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your ability is, or your age. Everyone will be welcomed, challenged and will get results!

Have you always loved training?

Not really, I used to, but I lost my way a few years ago through a few personal setbacks and my health really plummeted. I put on 50 kg and found myself in a place that i didn’t want to be.

Early 2014 I decided to take my health and body back. I needed to get my head right and exercise was the vehicle. I began running and cleaned up my bad habits and got myself back in the game. I had my baby Ivy during this period and I am proud of the fact that I could get my health back, breast feed and set a positive example to my girls.

What do you think about in a tough session?

I just keep thinking, ‘this won’t kill me’, I truly believe that every session I make it through I walk away a little stronger in the head. Like I have a better understanding of what I am capable of!

What do you find toughest at TSU?

Death by burpees for sure! I hate that session!

What a bloody legend! Ezzy just nailed a 5km personal best at Park run, hitting 22m:45 seconds!

Erin is one of those people who is inspiring all of those around, simply through doing her thing, through becoming her best. This is the essence of the Shake UP Community!

For all her hard work, Erin has score herself a treatment with Alex Yates of Anchor health clinic. Alex is a woman’s wellbeing master and we can’t recommend her services enough! To get in touch with Alex, give her a call on 0422 635 649

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Shaker of the Month – Erin Cserpak

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