How High Intensity Training Helped Me Lose Weight and Gain Much More – Matt Chan

Outdoor fitness or The Online World

All too often these days we see the younger generation with their heads down in video games, on phones or computers.

They are trading the Push-bike for the Playstation, Backyard cricket for the X-Box and basically, Outdoors for the Online World.

Actively Seek Movement

It’s easy for the ‘older generations’ to criticize the kids for their time ‘wasted’ in front of a screen. But that is our reality now. We live in a world where unless you actively seek movement you can easily fall in to the growing percentage of what is becoming societies NORMAL –  the under-exercised, over-fed but under-nourished majority.

Our lifestyles these days make it necessary for us to actively seek movement.

Make Exercise a Priority

Exercise needs to become a priority if we wish to buck the trend and steer our paths away from the inevitable lifestyle related illnesses – Heart attacks, diabetes, stroke…

Success Story

Our August Shaker of the Month is rapidly becoming a success story in bucking that trend. Matthew Chan is studying a Bachelor in Game Design and working as a Digital Artist. Most kids dream career huh? But the hours required in study and work all done in front of a computer means that Matt’s health has suffered. He says that he has never felt physically fit and that in most holiday breaks he has at least one hospital visit.

High Intensity Training

The High Intensity Training that Matt has now committed to is turning that around.

Matt’s weight loss of 7kg has not only improved the way he looks, but has improved the way he feels and the way he moves.

Self Improvement

Commitment to self improvement is so important in taking this step. Matt has made that commitment and is putting in the effort. Matt’s effort at training is a pleasure to watch. Anyone that has trained beside Matt can attest to the fact that he gives every session a red hot crack! The grunting and groaning giving him that extra power to finish those reps!

Love your work Matt. Thanks for the effort and once again,

Congratulations on Shaker of the Month!

I had a chat to Matt earlier this week and here is what he had to say…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…….

My name is Matthew, I am studying a Bachelor in Games Design. I’m a Digital Artist.

Wow! The dream job huh?!?

Yes, kind of…you have to love doing what you do.

People often mistake ‘playing games’ and ‘making games’ – they’re very different.

You’ve been a part of The Shake UP Community for almost 3 months now, what was it that brought you here?

I was not physically fit. I dropped out of training to make way for studying and Uni.

I was in front of the computer all day, every day, and I was getting more and more unfit. I wanted to change physically.

What is it that drives you to train?

I’ve never been in top physical form. There is always something wrong with me. Internally or externally. I’m in hospital almost every holiday break.

I wanted to find my peak form.

That’s a great reason to make some changes, how is it going?

Well I’ve definitely come a long way since I began!

My Mum loves to point out that my stomach has shrunk. I have lost 7kg in 2.5 months.

To make those changes, you have to push yourself pretty hard during the workouts, what is it that gets you through a workout?

Just counting the reps. I just focus on counting up, not down. Giving myself a target and pushing myself to get to it.

So what is it that you like about The Shake UP? What keeps you coming back?

At the end of every session there’s a sense of self accomplishment. It’s nice to be surrounded by all the other members with the same attitude.

Which exercise is your least favourite?

That’s a tough one. Even know there are some difficult ones, thrusters, running crunches, battling ropes – I do enjoy them quite a bit.

Do you have any short or long-term goals?

My short term goal is general fitness. My long term goal for me and the rest of my family is for me to get a 6 pack.

Every time I train, I am raising my own benchmark so I am continually improving.

It really is so great to see progression and constant improvement in our hard working members like Matthew. We are very fortunate witness time and time again, the journey from ‘out of condition’ to ‘kind of enjoying it’ to the point where ‘its an addiction and you’re hooked’. We have no doubt that Matthew will move  through these stages with confidence and a huge smile on his face. Congratulations Matt!

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How High Intensity Training Helped Me Lose Weight and Gain Much More – Matt Chan

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