Shed fat, build muscle, love your training!

The Shake UP is an outdoor group training program that delivers fast and effective 25 minute training sessions. It is all about utilising intense cardio to maximise fat loss, maintain lean muscle and improve fitness.

How does high intensity interval training work?

When you structure your intense cardio training session to involve short, repeat maximum effort exercise there is a very unique metabolic response that takes place. Our bodies release the fight or flight hormones called catecholamines and as a result, more fat is burned during exercise and in the hours after to fuel recovery.

When it comes to pumping out catecholamines, there are very few better than our September Shaker of the month, Benny ‘the Bull’ Middleton.

The Bull is one of the original Shakers who helped us build our Pacific Pines community back in 2013. Benny is a wonderful reminder that it is possible to shed fat, build muscle and love your training, year after year! We recently caught up with Benny to chat about life, training and 3 and a half years of Shaking things up!

G’day Benny, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well I am 30 years old and am currently working in Sydney developing property. This is a passion of mine that I am really enjoying being involved in. I spent a big part of my life working as a chef and building a business called Frutique that I recently sold before moving into property. I’m really into food, training and nutrition so have always loved being a part of The Shake UP.

I am married to my beautiful wife Jess who is the brains of the operation. She has a bachelor in business and major in HR. She is currently studying law and will be finished in a few months. We have 2 kids, Rhianna 4 and William 3 plus I have Olivia my older daughter who is 11. Jess and I both love training so we have a great respect and understanding for each others training time. Life is pretty busy but we make it work.

How long have you been training at the Shake UP?

I guess from the beginning! I have fond memories of those early sessions with a handful of people all going pretty hard and establishing the training culture here. It really has grown like crazy since those days!

Why do you train Benny?

It keeps me grounded. I am a pretty hyperactive bloke, pretty full on so training keeps me leveled and really makes me a better husband and father. I have always been pretty competitive with myself, body building when I was younger and always enjoying the psychological strength that comes with physical training. These days though its about staying lean, fast and better than I was yesterday. 

You train here 2 sometimes 3 sessions a week. Is it possible to hold onto muscle mass, strip fat and improve fitness at the same time?

It definitely is possible. My week typically involves 2 to 3 short HIIT sessions here, often a strength session at the gym, maybe a run here and there. I certainly don’t over train. I probably focus more on performance training than the physique side of things but I always seem to stay lean while holding the volume. So yeah…It definitely is possible to strip fat, get faster and build muscle. 

When I started at The Shake UP i was 96kg. There is no doubt that my body composition has improved pretty dramatically since beginning here at The Shake UP!

What gets you through a Shake UP session? What do you think about?

I always focus on getting better at every session. I hate the thought of a wasted session. I am pretty competitive so I like to go that extra rep or that little bit further to finish myself off!

What do you love about the Shake UP Bull?

Everything! The environment is cool with skilled, motivating coaches. I love that we are all different ability levels but the sessions are structured so that we all start and finish together. It is without a doubt the best group training community that I have ever been a part of!

What a legend! Benny has been raising the bar and lifting the spirits of The Shake UP members since we began and it is a pleasure having him in our community. A very overdue Shaker of the Month and for all of his hard work Benny has scored himself some goodies from the Punish Natural Nutrition crew! A huge thanks to the Punish boys for the continued support of the Shake UP. If you are after high quality, natural supplements check out the Punish website for a full breakdown.








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Shed fat, build muscle, love your training!

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