What does it take to look good naked?

Do you want to look good naked?!?!? Of course you do! We all do. It may not be your number 1 goal, but all of us would love to look good naked – and if you happen to get fit and healthy doing it…bonus!

How do we look good naked? We eat well, we exercise well and we do the things we love.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? So what is holding you back? Work? Kids? TIME?!?! These are all legitimate barriers to the health and body of your dreams. But if we are truly passionate about our health, we can find a way around these barriers.

Bek Hensher, our September Shaker of the Month is a mother of a teenage daughter, has a husband that works away, she works as a teacher during the week and has recently opened her own business!! I think it’s fair to say that Bek has a lot on her plate, but she still manages to do what it takes to stay healthy – and to kick ass at every Shake Up session! Bek is always positive and up for a laugh. She gives her best at every session and is a pleasure to have in our community.

So how does Bek find the time in her hectic schedule?? She makes time – she understands the importance of healthy living and how exercising and eating well leads to increased productivity, higher focus, untold health benefits and most importantly… looking hot naked!

Finding an awesome 25 Minute High Intensity Training Program just down the road helps out too.

Bek could easily use her hectic schedule as an excuse for poor eating habits, and lack of exercise – like the vast majority of our society today. Instead, she sees her healthy lifestyle as essential for maintaining the level of commitment to the things she loves to do. Proving her passion for nutrition, exercise and ongoing education Bek has also just begun The Shake UP’s 10-Week Body Transformation Challenge to further educate and focus her on the path to holistic health.

We recently had a chat to Bek to find out a little more about her:

Tell us a little bit about yourself Bek

I’m a teacher during the week and on weekends I have a food stall at Night Quarter called Fita Pita which is very healthy, very tasty Middle eastern street food with Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. It’s easy to eat and good for your body! I just love nutrition and being healthy, and Night Quarter is heaps of fun – it’s so good to get involved with something that is culturally diverse. It’s only going to get bigger and I want a piece of it! I teach a Diploma of Beauty Therapy which integrates with my belief system of beauty ,health and nutrition. I’m also going to start working as a wine rep which is one of my true loves.

Now tell us a bit about your family.

I’m a Mum of a 13 year old girl. My husband works away so it’s a challenge to get here when he’s back – he’s very supportive though. The rest of family is back in Sydney, so we’re pretty much flying solo. 

How long have you been with The Shake UP?

About 8 months. Since January. I can’t imagine not doing it now to be honest, I can’t see me ever stopping…so don’t go anywhere!

That’s so good to hear! We aren’t going anywhere!

So how has it changed your lifestyle?

Biggest thing for me is that I’m time poor. For me, like most people, dedicating an hour  a day is virtually impossible, but everyone can fit in 25 minutes. I don’t live far away, so transport is not an issue. I can get my daughter sorted at night, come do this, get home, prepare tea and carry on with the rest of the night. It’s the time factor. If it was an hour, I wouldn’t be able to get to as many sessions.

And the workout today – only 20 minutes and I was stuffed! It’s definitely enough to get results.

What is it that drives you to train?

I want to look hot naked! That’s it, there’s nothing else – if you look good naked, you look good dressed. Simple. I want to look in the mirror and go ‘yep.’ You want to feel good about how you look in the mirror and be happy with it.

I do feel on a high on the endorphins after training. I love how I feel and how productive I am. After a morning session, I get so much done that day compared to if I had just gotten up, had a coffee and fluffed around. Fridays are a huge day for me, getting ready for Fita Pita. I have to come here first so I can get organised for the day.

To make those changes, you have to push yourself pretty hard during the workouts, what is it that gets you through a workout?

I just do whatever you say until you say stop. In every other part of my life, I’m in charge, and when I come here I’m not. I just do whatever you say and then it’s over. I don’t think a lot when I’m here, which is unusual for me. The rest of the time I’m ‘doing’ and ‘in control’ so it’s quite nice to not be in control for half an hour.

What is it that you like about The Shake UP? What keeps you coming back?

Results. I like seeing the results. And the community. Everyone is so cool. You make friends, everyone supports each other, it’s just good. It’s a good healthy, happy environment.

Which exercise is your least favourite?

I’m not going to say burpees, they’re not that bad. Bear Crawls! You need to put a warning out before those bad-boys!

Congratulations once again Bek on a well deserved Shaker of the Month!!

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What does it take to look good naked?

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