Building resilience in your teenage son

They say that we are all products of our environment. The people that we hang out with the most, shape who we are and who we become. Who were you hanging out with when you were a teenager? More importantly, what kinds of people are influencing your teenage son?

The Shake UP is a 25 minute bootcamp filled with the kinds of people you’d want to help influence your development.

Our July Shaker of the Month is a young teenage boy named Samual who trains alongside his dad and a whole bunch of impressive humans.

What we love about Samy is his tenacity. For the past couple of years, Samy has been getting up at 5.00am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to come and train before heading to school. He has transformed himself – leaner, faster and better equipped to handle the the teenage struggles. We recently caught up with Samy to chat about balancing training and school.

So Samy, Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok, I am 15 years old and I am in year 10 at Marymount High School.

I love playing basketball and mountain biking. I have been training here at The Shake UP since December 2016. I like coming to training, even though it’s pretty tough getting out of bed on these Winter mornings!

When I 1st started here, Dad brought me along and it was so hard. I was always sore and really tired. Now I am heaps fitter and I enjoy it more.

How long was it before you found your feet here?

Um…the soreness didn’t last too long but it is always hard. It’s still hard now but I am way fitter and stronger now. I reckon after I did the Winter Challenge things changed heaps. I lost more weight and trained harder.

I learned what foods to eat and when to eat them and am still applying them…a bit! Ha,ha,ha. If I hadn’t changed my eating habits in the challenge, I reckon I’d be heaps fatter.

Tell us about the Kokoda Challenge?

That was awesome. Dad, Mark, Jackson and I were a team of 4. We did the 48km Kokoda Challenge which turned out to be a 54 km track and we finished in 13.5 hours. It was tough but I really enjoyed it. I would definitely do i again. I loved the Army Land section of the walk, where it’s all super steep hills

Why do you train Sam?

Um… probably because this makes me better at basketball. I used to only be able to play about 20 mins but now I can play a full game.

I also think I am better at school after training here in the morning, I feel more focused. It’s still tough getting out of bed though

What do you like best about training at TSU?

I like being around all the people here. Everyone is real encouraging and fun to be around. I like all of the Team Extreme crew. It’s good to train with Dad too.

What’s the toughest part of TSU for you Sam?

Burpees for sure! Especially the burpee challenge, that one always kills me

A young man who is willing to put in the hard yards to get the most out of life! Samy is our July Shaker of the Month and has scored himself a little acupuncture session with Anchor Health Clinic. When you are training 3 to 4 times a week, your muscles get tight which can cause pain and limited range of motion through your joints. Anchor health Clinic use their experience to use trigger point acupuncture to release release the muscle from being too tight. If you want to move better and enhance your training, give Alex a call on 0422 635 649.  


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Building resilience in your teenage son

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