Fit To Serve Others

Exercise, Laughter & Community make us better!

A epic yarn with the a bloke who just gets life!
Gordon Rutty’s mission in life is to help others.
He is a guru at helping people build their investment property portfolio but there is an even cooler way that this legend makes our world a better place!
Gordo’s greatest value is connection. Every day, this bloke actively and intentionally uses his enique energy to bring light to people’s lives.
If you ever have the pleasure of Gordo’s company, you will do most of the talking, while he mindfully listens and patiently waits his turn to offer you a chunk of wisdom that will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day!
This video will make you smile, laugh and remind you that the human spirit is alive and kicking!
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Be sure to stay tuned to the end where Gordo reveals his:

 “6 Beliefs” that will make your life better!

As mentioned in this interview, Gordo has a hug impact on many other communities on the Gold Coast. Fight Like a Pro, BNI and The Sanctuary Women, Children & Pet Refuge