How do you motivate your teenage son to exercise?

There is no better way to motivate your teenage son to exercise than creating an amazing example for him to follow.

The Shake UP is a 25 minute outdoor group training community, filled with parents who lead by example. The Bowser family have been with us since our early beginnings in 2013. Mel and Jeff are great parents who have raised two gracious young men, Jack and Zane. Over the years Zane has watched his parents train and there is no doubt that their influence has played a huge part in Zane’s development into a great young athlete.

The Bowser’s have built a regular training routine into their lifestyle. A positive experience that they can share as a family and enjoy plenty of quality bonding time and banter along the way.

We have watched Zane progress from a cuddly little boy into a teenage beast who dominates our workouts and it’s a pleasure to throw the Shaker of the Month his way!

We recently caught up with Zane to find out what the hell Nano Science is!

So Zane, Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ok… I am 15 years old. I go to Coomera Anglican College. I play footy  for Pac Power Junior AFL.

Um…What else? I love going out on the boat with my family. Oh yeah, a little gaming, it’s a given for a 15 year old boy right?

How long have you been training at TSU?

Well Mum and Dad have been here since the start, like 2013, so I originally came along because Mum and Dad were training here. Then Jack my brother started training and then just kinda joined in after that. So I guess I have been training here for a couple of years. At first it was just about jumping in with Mum and Dad but now I am more competitive with myself. I can push myself more and get more out of training

Why do you train Zane?

I train here because I can train with Mum and Dad which is pretty cool. Since I have been training here I have become way fitter and built more strength so when I play footy, I really notice that. I can keep up with other players and get a lot more of the action. 

What do you like best about training at TSU?

I like the atmosphere here. It’s nice to get out of the house and get some exercise in. There are great people here…and the trainer is pretty cool.

Do you have any ideas on a career path?  

I want to pursue a career in nanosystems engineering. This is all computer simulations of molecules, so you take things down to an atomic scale and you rearrange it. Then you put it through computer simulations to see how it will work. Stuff…um material reacts a lot differently on the smaller scale, so you are looking at stuff thats 1 – 100,000th of the width of a single human hair. It’s interesting because this stuff is cutting edge technology and it’s the future.

What’s the toughest part of TSU for you Zane?

Probably burpees

Zane is a super intelligent young bloke who understands the importance of balancing the academic and athletic aspects of his world. What’s even cooler though is his respectful attitude and awareness of the love and support that his parents give him. A very deserved Shaker of the Month and has scored himself a TSU Hoodie for all of his hard work. 


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How do you motivate your teenage son to exercise?

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