How Do You Know When To Rest An Injury?

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One of the things we are most proud of at The Shake UP, is the outstanding attitude and dedication of our Shaker Community. The attitude to push yourselves to the max, to never give in and to rise to new levels every day, every week and every year!

We are so fortunate to have a community of people who are so focussed on self-improvement that they get up day after day, rain, hail or shine and get out of their comfort zone with the desire of being better than they were yesterday.
This level of commitment is something you can not put a price on. You can’t fake it and you can’t manufacture it. It is developed, cultivated and grown by continuously pushing your limits and challenging yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

What an awesome way to be!! But it does come with some challenges…

Sorry…But You’re not Invincible

How do we identify those limits? How much is too much?!?! When is it ok to stop?
Inevitably, when you are pushing the boundaries, something may give. You may feel a niggle, a twinge…something worse??

How do you know if it’s ok to push through the pain??

Let me introduce Paul Michael, Victor Popov, and The Team at Moving With Ease Physiotherapy.

These guys have such a wealth of experience to draw upon, and are continually learning, growing and innovating within the health industry.
They have a holistic approach which deals with each individuals specific circumstances to ensure the best outcome.

Paul has given us a little guidance on how to better understand when we should push through an injury, and when we should rest. Have a read below:

So do you push through an injury or rest up?

One of the questions that I’ve asked myself on behalf of many clients over the 16 years I’ve spent treating injuries.  It seems simple now with experience and intuition and a DEEPER understanding of what it takes for the body to recover.  But how do you know if you’re not an injury management specialist?

On one side you’re thinking …..  “it’ll be ‘right.  Just keep using it and it’ll get better.”

On the other side you’re thinking…. “this thing isn’t getting better and it’s been 4 months now!”

Well – to be able to make that important decision, first you need to answer the obvious question which is “Is this good pain or bad?”

That’s the part that’s easier said than done.  Let me try to give you a criteria for each

Good and Bad pain

Good pain – well, simply put, it feels GOOD!  Like a stretch or a massage that’s getting into a tight spot, or a muscle that’s been working and has post exercise muscle soreness.  That’s a good pain.

Bad pain – yep, you guessed it – it feels BAD!  Bad pain is really the sort of pain that we should NOT be pushing through.  And to be honest, this is where most people get things wrong.  We tend to drift towards the idea that the pain will simply get better if we USE the area.  And whether it’s an inability to accept we are incapacitated or just plain misinterpretation … or BOTH… for some reason most of the time we make little injuries last longer by persisting with the very movement that makes things worse.

A normal injury will be inflamed from anywhere between 2 days to 1 week.  After this, if your pain is still sharp and ..well…BAD, then you’re most likely doing something that’s irritating it.  Finding out what that is might be a challenge but let it be known that if you don’t crack the case, you are most certainly not going to move forwards too quickly.

Advice in a nutshell

My advice to clients over and over is not to worry about what to do , worry about what not to do.

Once you work out how to UNLOAD the area, then the bodies natural healing process can take place.  What you need to do is provide that required ENVIRONMENT for it to heal.  This is really the fastest route to full recovery.  Rest is underrated.  The body needs to UNLOAD then gradually RELOAD.  Missing this first step just means you never get better.

Paul Michael

Moving with Ease Physiotherapy

19/5002 Robina Town Centre Drive

Robina 4230, Qld        Ph: (07) 5562 1487

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How Do You Know When To Rest An Injury?

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