Angela Petherick, Challenge Winner, Autumn 2014

The Shake UP – ‘Keep it Real Challenge’ is an initiative designed to create accountability for our hard working community. To succeed on your fitness journey, you need to grab a hold of something very tangible that will provide you with lasting motivation. One of the most powerful tools for this, are before and after photos. We believe it is our responsibility to create as much accountability for our members as possible. The Challenge is clear, high quality and consistent photography on the month, every month to present our members with a very unique form of measuring progress.

Those who want change and are willing to go after it, will reap the rewards of achievement and self-fulfillment. Angela Petherick is a fine example of this and our Challenge Top Dog for Autumn 2014.

We caught up with Ange recently to chat about her success!

KIRP Winner - Autumn 2014 S

G’day Ange…Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ok, so I am 41 years old, married with 2 girls, 6 & 7 years old and my husband Stuart and I manage the Montebello villas  here in Pacific Pines.

How long have you been a member of the Shake UP?

6 months I think…

In these last 3 months you have really managed to drop some body fat, can you give us an idea of the awesome changes you have achieved?

Well I am down a few sizes and fitting into clothing that has been packed away for a while now. For me that is the most evident form of measurement and the photos from the Keep it Real Program (as much as I object having them taken!)

What do you enjoy most about the Shake UP?

Well I love the short sessions, great trainers and great people really. All the little extras like this program (KIRP) create accountability and help me continue to improve.

So Ange, what’s the biggest challenge for you in hitting your health and fitness goals?

Probably my lifestyle! I Love to eat, love to drink and have a good time!

How are you managing these challenges and still seeing great results?

I think I am finding the balance these days. I still enjoy those pleasures but try to eat well and train bloody hard!

So what are your goals from here?

Really I just want to continue to lean up and stay as active as I can to keep up with the demands of being a busy mother!

Congratulations on the success Ange! For all of her hard work and commitment, our KIRP Top Dog for Autumn 2014 has scored herself  a Punish Nutrition Pack, valued at $200.00!!!!  A huge thanks to the Punish Crew for their commitment to The Shake UP.

To find out more about the Keep it Real Challenge and how you can get involved, click here

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Angela Petherick, Challenge Winner, Autumn 2014

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