Fat Loss and Your WHY

Reclaiming your body at 20 weeks postpartum

Let’s face it, being a mother is one of the greatest challenges in a woman’s lifetime!

How many busy mothers do you know that struggle with body confidence after having a child?

In this blog we are going to share with you the tips, tricks and strategies that one of the world’s greatest mothers used recently to strip 8kgs in 10 weeks while juggling 3 children under 4 and running her own business!

Soonah Walkom has recently completed the Shake UP – 10 week Challenge. 10 weeks of clean eating, consistent training and amazing changes.

What we admire most about this amazing mum is that throughout the 10 weeks, Soonah trained with her 3 beautiful boys by her side, Sid 25 weeks old, Ned 2 years old and Mac 3.5 years old!

This Legend is indeed our January Shaker of the Month!

We recently caught up with Soonah to ask her for some advice for the busy mothers out there looking to steal back their body confidence and balance a busy lifestyle:

G’day Soonah, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Yep, I am 32 years old. My husband Ben and I have 3 beautiful boys, Mac (3.5yrs), Ned (2) and our baby Sid (6 months). I run my own business called Astute Administration Services and have been doing so for 9 years now. Life is pretty busy but I love it that way.

You recently completed our 10 week Challenge, can you tell us about that?

I learned that you certainly can’t out train a bad diet! The Challenge gave me a better understanding of how to balance exercise and my eating. Knowing how and when to eat certain foods really gives you some structure around your eating habits.

Eating in our house is pretty hectic so this Challenge gave me the tools to get better prepared and make sure that I was always surrounded by delicious, healthy foods. Unless my husband hi-jacked my meals from the fridge!

Can you share with us 3 of your most valuable strategies from the 10 Week Challenge?

Yep for sure…

1.Know why this is important to you!

Life is beautiful and we all have so much potential! When I was young, my mother died and I have always promised myself that I would wake every day and make her proud by being the best person that I can. This experience taught me that life can be cut short so we had better make the most of it!

Sid is our 3rd child and I am not about to make excuses for myself. I am young and very able so I believe that I should pour my heart into my business, my family and my lifestyle.

2.Find a training program that is close proximity and fast!

The Shake UP suits our lifestyle perfectly. We can bring the kids, it’s close to home, it’s fast and it works! Ben and I train across two locations – Robina and Pacific Pines and that way we can each get up to 6 sessions/week if we choose. The kids love coming along so in a sense that kind of keeps you accountable. Mac is always saying…”Me go Shake UP mum”?

3.Don’t be afraid to begin again!

It’s pretty tough when you are coming back from having a child. Your body shape isn’t like it used to be and sometimes confidence can be low. You know how much the start up phase is going to hurt so sometimes it’s easier to just procrastinate.

I started here at The Shake UP when Sid was 10 weeks old. What helped me through that tough initial phase was being surrounded by so many supportive people, encouraging me and helping push through when all I wanted to do was pack the kids up and go home!


Soonah is one of the most committed people we have seen come through the Shake UP! She is inspiring so many women around her and is so deserving of our January Shaker of the Month.

For her hard work, Soonah has scored herself a remedial massage from the Guru -Peter Griffin of Palm Beach Chiropractic and Remedial. Pete is a myotherapy/remedial massage therapist and graduate in Sports and Exercise Science. This guy knows how to help people move better so we strongly suggest booking a session with him! Pete can be found at 1/28 Palm Beach Avenue

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