Michelle White, Shaker of the Month, Jan ’16


Just about everyone who has experienced a Shake UP session has had that moment of doubt and asked themselves, am I ready for this?

Michelle White’s Shake UP journey is one of the most inspiring success stories and a wonderful reminder that with courage and self-belief, we can achieve anything.

18 months ago, Michelle mustered up the courage to come and ask a few questions after one of our sessions at PBC. She went on to say that she really wanted to get involved but was concerned that training would be challenging for her as she is epileptic.  From that moment on, Michelle has been inspiring us all, building in strength and self-confidence and humbly setting an example for us all to follow.

Michelle’s attitude and outlook are what make her an amazing human being. The Shake UP has so little to do with physicallity or athletisim and everything to do with courage, grit and that burning desire for self improvement!

We recently caught up with Michelle to chat about her bold journey to a better quality of life

So Michelle…Tell us a little bit about yourself

Ok, well I am a mum of 4 – a 22 year old,21,19 and a 16-year-old. What else, Um….. I like to come here and train at the Shake UP! Really,  I enjoy spending time with my family most. I have been working here at PBC for 13 years and really enjoy being a part of this place.

How long have you been training at the Shake UP?

I think its about 18 months

What do you love about the Shake UP?

I Love all the people! Everybody here inspires me to be my best. When I first saw you guys training here at the school I was really interested in the program but at the same time I doubted myself or my ability to do this. It was a pretty big step for me to begin but the more I got to know everyone here and as my fitness developed I gained so much confidence.

What have you achieved at the Shake UP Michelle?

It feels like I have achieved so much. When I started I was a size 14 and I just didn’t feel good in my body. Now, my body shape has changed a lot and my daughters are buying me clothes that I never thought that I would get into. I just feel fantastic. I feel like I am younger and so much happier.

The number of  epileptic seizures that I have had in the past 18 months has reduced dramatically and I truly believe that this has a lot do with me being in better shape. So that is a great achievement I guess.

What are your goals from here?

I am happy with how I am going but I really want to be able to do a full push up on my toes. I look at Erin, Vicki and the other girls here and draw so much inspiration from them. I just want to keep improving myself and  feel great.  

What’s the worst workout for you at the Shake UP?

Um….Well I would have to say burpees. I am improving though. When I first saw you guys doing burpess I thought, how am I going to do that. I feel like I am improving so that is pretty motivating

A very deserved winner of our Shaker of the month. We are stoked to have people like Michelle in our community and are very happy to say that she has scored herself a well-earned deep tissue massage from Pete Griffin at Palm Beach Chiropractic. A huge thanks to Pete for his continued support to our community.


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