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Have a massage…you’ve earned it.

We train hard, we train often and we love it…I know from experience that most of The Shake UP Community even ‘enjoy’ those sore, tired muscles that make us walk like John Wayne, or make us decide it’s a good hat day because we can’t lift our arms to brush our hair…freaks!

It is totally fine to rock that D.O.M.S. like a badge of honour, but as an athlete, we need to listen to our bodies and practice some self-love.

Now I hear some of you saying “Athlete? I’m not an athlete.”

Bull! If you drove a Race Car 3 times a week, would you call yourself a Race Car Driver? Hell yeah, you would!

You train hard, you train often – you’re an athlete and you need to treat your body well.

Have a massage…you’ve earned it.

All Massage Therapists aren’t created equal.

In the same way that Race Car Driver wouldn’t take their car to just any mechanic, you shouldn’t take yourself to just any Massage Therapist. Massage Therapists are everywhere these days, but to find someone who combines knowledge and skill with a genuine care for your wellbeing is rare.

The Amazing Ellie, from Balanced Remedial Solutions puts a smile on your face before the treatment even begins.

Ellie’s response to the standard “How are you?” is always a genuinely heart-felt

“A-MAZING!” accompanied by an equally genuine, heart-felt and infectious smile.

Ellie is one of those people that you come across occasionally that you instantly know they are doing what they were meant to do. Ellie is truly passionate about helping people. Her positivity and pride in her work mean that you always leave feeling physically, mentally and emotionally refreshed…ahhhhh.

I recently caught up with Ellie, and was treated to a deeper insight into the world of Ellie.

Ellie is the essence of balance – needing intensity and variety in her training, yet seeking the balance of yoga and music to calm her soul. She loves the beach, her dogs, her husband Lou, and her big family.

The Shake UP is a community based on positivity, and it is so important to us to align with others in the health industry who share our values and bring their own special skills to our community.

I knew instantly that Ellie was perfect for our community, but getting to know Ellie on a more personal level has helped me to understand how lucky we are to have Ellie around. You get a good insight into a person’s character from the people they look up to and the character traits that they hold dear.

It is clear that Ellie is a kind hearted, passionate and principled person who takes pride in herself and her work. She genuinely wants to help people, and is driven to promote health and happiness in her life and in the lives of others.

Pat Dollan would be proud ; )

Although Ellie is where she needs to be right now, she’s not done dreaming yet…

Ellie is already focussed on the next goal along the path of self-improvement – Yoga Teacher Training. But I’ll let Ellie tell you a little more about that.

Thank you so much for your time Ellie, it’s great to have you on board and we are excited to share in your journey.

Let’s have a look at what Ellie had to say…

So…what’s your story? Tell us a bit about Ellie.

Well, I have a big family – I’m one of 4. My parents are teachers, my aunty is a Physio, I’ve always been interested in the body, and health and helping people.

When I was 18 I studied a Personal Training course, and then thought I wanted to be a physio so I did a massage course. I realised I was totally happy doing the massage course so I became what I am now.

I love the beach – beach time is my favourite place in the entire universe. I love hangin’ out and just chillin’

I have 2 dogs – Gypsy, who just turned 1, and Chilli who is 18 months old and cheeky as!

Nice one. So how long ago was it that you got into massage?

About  two and a half years ago. I studied at Kingscliff TAFE and it was the best thing ever. My teacher definitely pushed us further than I would’ve ever pushed myself. We built a good relationship. I respected him so much, we read each other well. He was good, he was amazing!

It seems your passion for the health industry and helping people has led you to where you are now, but I hear you have another goal in mind. Tell us about that


That’s another thing I’ve just wanted to do forever – I’ve always wanted to do a Yoga Teacher Training course – my Aunty who is the Physio is also a yoga teacher. I just think she is the bee’s knees of all humans and I just always wanted to do it, but it never seemed to present itself and then my girlfriend was doing this course and I was just “YES, this is the one!” So we’re going to build a room out the back of our place. We’re going to have a yoga studio and a treatment room…

I drew up plans yesterday – to scale! : )

Let’s talk about how you keep fit – What style of training excites you?

My favourite is HIIT, that way I don’t get bored – if someone said let’s go for a run, that doesn’t excite me whatsoever, I couldn’t think of anything worse. I do love strength training – heavy weights, but I must admit, only lower body. I don’t like training upper body much. I love hill sprints. Anything outdoors. Dunes, sand dunes are one of my faves and yoga as a little side.

Can you tell me something that you have accomplished that you are proud of? It can be small or large, health related or not, but something that YOU are proud of.

I won the Pat Dollan Award in Year 7 when I was 12.

To me that was the best award you could get in the whole school because it was about being a good person. Out of everyone in the grade, one person got this award and it meant that you supported other people and that you were kind…

Out of every certificate I’ve ever earned, that’s my favourite one to this day.

I love that, that is what you’re most proud of – it shows us what is really important to you. It’s not just ‘I came first in the race,’ or ‘I was the best in math,’ It’s an award that recognises you for being a good person. What better achievement can there be?

In netball I got best and fairest – voted by the other team. It was another Pat Dollan moment.

Pat Dollan’s legacy lives on ; )

Do you have a role model? Is there someone that you look up to? And if there is, can you tell us why?

My aunty, my pop and my dad.

My dad – if I’m ever unsure about what’s morally right to do, my dad says – ‘you’ve got your own moral compass’ –  but I’m like, yes, but I feel like if you think somethings ok, then it’s ok. Dad to me is the most morally sound man on the planet. Then my aunty Trishy is just incredible because she’s so passionate about helping people – as a Physio, you want to make people feel better, but she’s so kind and accepting, and there’s just something about her. She always wants to help the community and she’s willing to give up her time for you.

You see a lot of people from all walks of life and all fitness levels – is there any aspect of fitness/health that you think is important, that a lot of people miss?

Lots of people when training, are focusing on the big muscles – “I’ve got to get strong, I’ve got to get big.” – whatever –  but they forget about the stabilisers that are probably more important than all the big drivers. The  majority of people I treat have a problem because their little stabiliser muscles aren’t strong… and they don’t do their homework!

An Ex. Phys friend of mine says that rehab is for the self-motivated. Yes. Because I can’t fix you if you aren’t willing to do these little exercises.

Can you tell us something interesting about you that most people wouldn’t know?

My dad and I, once a month play at a restaurant in Cabarita. – Dad writes his own music and I sing and Dad plays guitar. It’s a really nice way to connect with your dad and spend a bit of one on one time.

What is your favourite thing about being a massage therapist?

That’s an easy one – I love being able to help people feel better, so…even if it’s not always physically, I think sometimes emotionally they leave feeling a bit better. It’s amazing how many people come in and just tell you their world. Just helping them feel better in their skin. Whether it’s physically or emotionally is AMAZING to me.

I think that’s a testament to your personality as well because not every massage therapist would elicit that response. I reckon your energy brings that on and lets people feel comfortable and positive.

Thank you : )

I feel that in your session too…I hope I don’t vent…We have a good chat and a good laugh and I walk out of there feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally as well.

Mission accomplished!

Now give us the inside goss…what is the worst thing about being a Massage Therapist?

Big sweaty men???

That’s definitely a downfall. The major one I think is the reverse of the last answer – being able to help people. Getting around peoples idea/perception that they’re going to come in and leave feeling 100% better. If I can get 30% change – that’s awesome. Some people are looking for immediate results and that is not always a possibility.

That can be a little bit frustrating because I do get emotionally involved, I want to make them 100% better – so badly. But I know it’s not always going to be possible. Then I feel bad that they expect 100%

It makes me feel like I want to cry inside.

Thank you so much for your time Ellie, it’s great to have you on board and we are excited to share in your journey.

Get in contact with Ellie on:

0449 116 344


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