13 kg Weight loss in 10 weeks

Weight loss can be a very confusing and frustrating quest. We are bombarded with mixed information about what to eat, how to train and which ‘diet’ to follow!

The Shake UP is an outdoor group training program that transforms people’s lives in 25 minutes! Since 2013, we have watched on as hundreds of our members improve their body shape and quality of life. Every great transformation has one common element that we believe is essential!


Improve your relationship with food!


The Shake UP – 10-week Challenge is all about eating lots of delicious food. We believe that the key to lasting change is to surround yourself with food choices that taste great and promote fat loss!


Gabby La Forest stripped 13 kg and 40 cm of fat from her frame in 10 weeks!


Our Spring Challenge winner achieved this while eating 6 meals a day and training roughly 2-3 hours/week!

This is a woman who works full time as a registered nurse at Southern Cross University.

Gabby is 31 years old and has 4 children, who adore her.

When Gabby came to The Shake UP she weighed 101 kg was feeling tired and lacking motivation.  In 10 short weeks we showed Gabby how to eat for fat loss and helped her create some structure around her eating habits. Gabby loves eating tasty food and it tastes so much better now that she is 88 kg!

You can eat delicious food and have the body you desire!

One of the main reasons that so many of us have low energy availability and lack body confidence is that we don’t take responsibility for our eating behaviours.

We move through life unprepared and often make terrible food choices, simply because that’s all there is available or it’s what everybody else is doing!

Gabby’s eating behaviours throughout the 10-week challenge were consistent, well planned and very enjoyable.  She improved her relationship with food and systematically shifted the way her body receives calories forever!

It’s easy when your weeks are filled with Mexican mince, anytime cheesecake, yummy meatballs, Zucchini/Banana bread, Portuguese chicken Salad, just to name a few.


Want to know how this has changed Gabby’s world?

“In all honesty, it has changed every facet of my life! Not just for myself but also for my family. I started this as a personal challenge, but it has quite organically and naturally infiltrated every part of my life and every part of my family’s life.”

If you are looking for a better quality of life but lack motivation and structure, The Shake UP 10 week Challenge guarantees results!

Our Summer Challenge kicks off on the 10th February 2018. Click here to find out more.