Why training is a must for a stressful life!

We are busy in our lives! Parenting, playing, learning, growing, achieving and working in roles which ask us to be at our best, all of the time.

How do you manage stress in your life? Do you work harder, sleep less and find comfort in food? Or do you look for other avenues to blow off some steam?

At The Shake UP, we have people from all walks of life who love to blow off steam in the best way possible….Exercise!

Physical activity improves your body’s ability to use oxygen and also improves blood flow. Both of these changes have a direct effect on your brain. As we exercise, our brains pump out endorphins, the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters that give us the euphoric high after a hard fought session!

Our October Shaker of the Month is a very inspiring chick who regularly trains her way through the stresses of managing 200 staff. Anita Abrahamson is Assistant manager at Woolworths Burleigh, a role that requires influence, composure, tolerance and the ability to de-stress!

People like Anita make the Shake UP a great place to train. She has the ability to strengthen the group dynamic with humour and a willingness to train hard. We recently caught up with Anita to chat about how the Shake UP helps her through a stressful work environment:

So Anita, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 39 years old. My husband, Guy and I have been together for 16 years and married for the past 5. We love spending time with our dogs, Frankie and Gracie. They are whippets and have so much character.

I am assistant manager at Woolworths Burleigh. We have around 200 staff and my role is all about managing people, cultivating their strengths and helping develop their weaknesses. It’s a tough role but I really enjoy it.

How long have you been training at the Shake UP?

It’s just coming up to 2 years. Wow…time goes fast!

Why do you train Anita?

Um…I have always trained, so its kind of 2nd nature. It helps me to keep a clear head.

My job isn’t so much a physically challenging job, it’s more a mentally challenging job. Sometimes I find it tough to get down here after a big day but I know how good I am going to feel after training. Its all about that feeling you have walking away from a tough session. It’s empowering.

What do you love about the Shake UP Anita?

I love that I don’t have to think about what I am going to do! Its an awesome place to de-stress. The sessions are always well structured so I can come down here, have a few laughs with good people and train hard. The people are great. Everyone trains hard but there is always a real light mood at the Shake UP.

What do you think about when you train Anita?

Um, I guess I focus on keeping up with the crew around me. I like to train alongside the girls here as it helps push me to a new level. That really motivates me!

What’s your least favorite thing to do here Anita?

Some of the workouts for time. The 10,20,30 200 run workout kills me every time

We all deserve a training environment that allows us to vent some steam and share some laughs with great people. Anita is one of these great people who make the Shake UP a great place to be! For all of her hard work Anita has scored herself a remedial massage with the best in the business, Peter Griffin of Palm Beach Chiropractic. A huge thank you to Pete for his continued support to the Shake UP. Pete is a myotherapy/remedial massage therapist and graduate in Sports and Exercise Science. This guy knows how to help people move better so we strongly suggest booking a session with him! Pete can be found at Palm Beach Chiropractic

1/28 Palm Beach Avenue Palm Beach, Queensland 4221 Phone: (07) 5534 5005

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Why training is a must for a stressful life!

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