Win a 3-month membership!!!

We know that there are a lot of things that come up as barriers to getting fit and healthy and one of those is forking out the cash for training!  So we are giving members and non-members the chance to get 3-months of Shaker goodness (valued at $354) for FREE!!! The...



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Discipline and Intense training

Discipline and Intense training

How do you turn your training regime into a discipline that takes top priority in your world? The Shake UP is an outdoor group training community and we have hard working members who have been training with us since we began back in 2013. Once you understand the...

How to get what you want in life

How to get what you want in life

The Shake UP is a high intensity training program that is filled with courageous people who know how to get what they want in life...Results! Gordon Rutty is one of those kind of people. Anyone who has crossed paths with Gordo will tell you that their life has been...

What’s Sabotaging Your Potential?

What’s Sabotaging Your Potential?

What Is Stopping You From Reaching Your Potential? Is it you? Are you doing everything in your power to be your best? Every day? Yes? Awesome! Thanks for reading, Tony Robbins ; )  No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think it’s fair to say that most of us are not...

What Do You Desire Most?

What Do You Desire Most?

What Do You Desire Most In This World? Is it buying a Maserati? Your dream house? Is it the pride you will feel walking your daughter down the aisle? Is it retiring at 60, and seeing the world with the one you love?     Your Deepest Desire is Finally Yours...

How visualisation can get you your dream body!

How visualisation can get you your dream body!

We all spend time wondering what life would be like if our dreams came true. At The Shake UP we are very fortunate to be able to help people achieve their dreams. All of the greatest lifestyle transformation stories that we have witnessed, began with a very vivid...


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